Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Revelations of a Tuesday

  • running on an incline is waaaaaaaaay harder than running level. If you are running on an incline, then you can only run for about five minutes before wanting to die and you think you are a total slacker because you use to be able to run for fifteen minutes, but then you decide to run level and you can run for ten minutes without wanting to die.
  • Leone needs to read instructions. Really. I mean, really. Because when there are a group of options for assignments, and there are 2 you have to do, and you think there are five assignments, so you have done 3 of the non-option ones, and then you go back to do the 2 you have to do, then you read the instructions and realize you only have 4 assignments total, you kinda just screwed yourself over.
  • when you need to hand in transcripts, request them months before they are due. Months.
  • don't think a banana will hold you over till you get home. It's 12 and I am starving!
  • in class, when someone (I mean, this wouldn't be the prof could it? how could a prof possibily infer something like this?) says that the date rape drug problem is due to stupid women who think they can drink, don't let said person get away with that. Be loud, be opinated, put your foot down. It always rocks when someone can't respond to your comment because you are soooo much smarter than them. It helps counteract the stupidity you feel when you realize you have misread instructions for your other class.
  • chocolate soy milk is the best drink ever.
  • grammer is irrelevant.

that is all.

carry on.


Sheena said...

Haha! Well now I need to hear how you totally chewed that person up!

Dogeared said...

I'll agree with everything bar the last point ;-)

Angela said...

"ate rape drug problem is due to stupid women who think they can drink"

WTF? Good for you for talking out against that kind of crap. Asshat. (Not you, you're awesome. The person that said that. Asshat!)