Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ack and Oh-no!

Well November was not the best month for keeping up on blogging. I think I was distracted by all the NaBloPoMo people out there. Good job you all! Well, besides the crushing demands of school and housework and socializing (that sounded rather pretensious didn't it? sorry), one of the reason I haven't been blogging as much is because I can't talk about my knitting!!!! It's all Xmas presents now and that would kinda defeat the 'present' part of Xmas if I just talked about them all. However I have updated my side bar to include them in all their vagueness. (except for that preggers part... guess who that goes to?) I have a graph on my wall now where my school calendar use to be and am filling it is as I knit. I have two parents, two grandparents, two sisters, and two brother-in-laws that are getting knitted things, and one friend and one uncle who may be getting knitted things. 24 days to go right? I can do it. And I may do a sneek peek of photos with massive detail one day. Oh, and I do have to show you my yarn that was my reward for finishing my papers. Mmmm... blogger seems to be having difficulties. Another blog entry then.

Okay- I'm off to knit with my new *cashmere* yarn. Oh that's right. I said cashmere.


Anonymous said...

So, that whole thing after last Christmas that went something like......"Phew! I am sure not going to put myself through that again!" ???????????????????? Love Mom

jenn said...

Wow, look at all that! um - I *should* make more presents... shouldn't I?

beentsy said...

I feel your pain. I'm in the midst of hat & sock hell for Christmas presents. 24 more days to go!

I need more martinis.

brooke t. higgins said...

John Deere scarf! I can't wait to see all of your projects. I wish you the bestest on getting them done!