Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's fine to be home

So after my flight was nearly an hour late leaving the runway, and after gathering my luggage, I made small talk with my taxicab-driver-man. It was generic small talk and I eventually got into the "it's good to be..." area. But I couldn't finish the sentence. I think I said it three times in a row each time refusing to lie and say "it's good to be back". Cause I was sad and I didn't feel like starting my time back by lying to a very nice taxicab-driver-man. I eventually said "it's good to be off the plane". I contemplated saying "it's good to be back so I can see my cat" but you never know if someone is a cat person or not and whether they'd understand. You see, Vancouver has a lot- I know- but as of the first week of January it doesn't have my family. And you know- I don't always function all that well without them. Now yes, yes- I'm the first to admit it's also material things like incredibly tasty homecooked meals, really nice furniture, spiffy laptops and cable- but it does just come down to family. And I really didn't want to leave today. A little part of me just wanted to go collect Spike and move home. And so I pouted and could not lie to my taxicab-driver-man.

But you know, I've been home for two hours now, and I'm okay now. I think I forgot some of the good things about my Vancouver home. One I never forgot was the demanding presence of this guy. Who has just, after two hours, finally sat down on the couch without me. He was either tripping me as I walked or climbing over anything to get on my lap if I was doing anything (unpacking, getting changed, photographing things). He is very excited by the new items and went a little psycho when I opened my suitcase. He immediately climbed inside and sat on stuff so I decided to unpack my duffle bag- but then he had to climb in there too. Then he got really excited and had to bite me. I understood.

So all this stuff I brought home? Can't show it all now. But I started taking photos and can take a whole lot more with my new massive memory card for my computer (I'd take a photo of it but it's inside my camera and hence impossible). Oh lala. Spike has already started showcasing another present. Here is a fuzzy photo of my new curtains!!!
I bought the material with money from my Grandparents and my Mom helped me sew them. Right now they are too long but that is because I didn't actually take measurements so we left them long. I'm going to get some stitch witchery to finish the hems. Aren't they gorgerous? The material was 50% off! Woo!

Then I went and got material for my bedroom as well. I'll take another photo when this one when it's fixed and during the day. And some more presents! Oh the spoiled life I lead. These are just a few of the wonderful stitch markers I got from Jim and Jenn made by the fabulous Nonny Mouse ( I don't know her but my sister assures me she is such and I think these stitch markers prove the case). There are more that are part of my Buffy themed birthday present (too cool for school) but those are still packed somewhere.

Can't forget my Bollywood presents from Bangladesh Santa (these are the coasters- they came with placemats, a coin purse, and a kleenex box (which I have already put kleenex inside and am using)).

And I was going to show you my blanket from Jason and Julia but there seemed to be a furry monster on it. He approves of it greatly.

Much more to say but I'm tired and I should go to sleep soon. I'll post more presents and my knitted presents soon (before the first).

Good night!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! The curtains are gorgeous, as is the kitty monster. ;)

You should come out and knit today, or bring your drop spindle! We'll be at The Grind at around 1:00 o'clock decompressing from the holidays.

jenn said...

Your curtains look awesome! And I agree about the suckiness of everyone leaving. I have come out firmly against people leaving here.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog, darling. I loved reading every word of it. It was such a perfect holiday and it was so hard to let you and Julia and Jason go. But you have a nice home in Vancouver too, and Spike was so so happy to have you back. Curtains look awesome. You did a great job picking out the material. Looking forward to more of your blogs. Love Mom

Sheena said...

Ooo, curtains are so pretty! Love them! And very interested in the Buffy comics. I quickly flipped through one at the bookstore, they look interesting.

I'll be back on Wednesday; we should do coffee! I'll call you.