Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still snowing here

I'm at home now. Had my first home cooked meal (I cook meals- but those don't fall under the category of 'home-cooked') (more like.... 'meh' category) and am drinking lots of lattes and watching TV (aahhhhh....). I also have all these people around me that I sure do like a whole darn lot. It's a good time.

What's fun is getting to talk to my sister's belly and pat the belly and kiss the belly and tell the belly secrets. There be a pirate beeb in that thar belly. Aaarrrggh.

I'm knitting- not as much as I could be- but nearly done all the presents. One will be wrapped with the needles and frankly, that person has already seen their present and consulted on it sooooo yeah. There will be an Xmas present blog no doubt.

Oh- we're doing a puzzle! And by 'we' I mean that I work on the puzzle and sometimes my family members come join me for a bit. I figure that life can't be that stressful if I can work on a puzzle with frogs (and the whole denial about schoolwork helps too).

School is fine. I finally got my video up (after it had been deleted twice- once my fault once UBC's fault). In January I do my two week practicum, which will be fun. I'm doing social studies, gym, and one art class blitz. I've got most of the 50 names down but I'm sure once I'm immersed I'll get them all down pat.

Oh! And I started spinning again with my lovely drop spindle. The fleece is some lovely stuff from New Zealand. Mmmmm..... purple.

And sorry if I'm pretty vacant this holiday bit- I go from spending hordes of time every day on the computer to barely any but I look forward to catching up afterwards and seeing how everyone's holidays were. I'm so paranoid about my apostrophes now. I may need to take Jenn's course.

Mmmm.... nutella.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and nothing but easy spinning fibre in 2008! ;)

jenn said...

It has been a very nice holiday, hasn't it?