Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dearest dearest Tobey

ah my dear dying plant. I promise this week I will go buy more pots and soil and transplant you so you stop dying. And don't worry- I will talk to somebody who actually knows something about plants and not try to save you by my age old technique of forgetting to water you and taking you on cross-province trips.

The lament to Tobey comes on the heels of a kinda nasty burn I now have on the backs of three of my fingers on my right hand. In fact typing this is slightly painful (and it's rather ironic I misspelled typing three times and had to go back constantly) so this won't be a long post. No worries though darling readers! With soothing aloe vera from Tobey and some lovely drugs, I can still knit, albeit slowly because I can't wrap the yarn around my fingers, but I can still knit. Which is good because I have a goal to finish my Mom and my Dad's xmas presents by Friday at midnight. It can be achieved.

Tomorrow my class is going on two field trips! It will be uber fun! (I'm not being sarcastic right now).

Bonne nuit!!! (this is how Spike fell asleep the other day- mid stretch)


Angela said...

Spike belly! Awwwwww

I hope your fingers feel better soon, and that Tobey does too.

Rex, Violet and Vera were all doing very well at the last office, but then I took them home when I changed jobs. They are not so good anymore. I brough Rex into the new office to see if that helps, but so far, no go. Poor planty plants.

brooke t. higgins said...

Oh dear! Sending lots of finger-healing kisses from Ohio in order that you might finish the Christmas knitting!

Anonymous said...

Burns are not fun. I just finished with the consequences of grabbing the oven racks before they had cooled down enough and it was not pleasant. Very painful. Great pic of Spikers! Very cute! Love Mom