Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gibson's Landing

Ah... I am sleep deprived still but what a fun time. Let's see here....

proof that I got up at 5 so I was downtown by 6 to catch the bus to catch the ferry. I don't know why I thought I had to be there so early. I think because I was paying to stay at a hotel I figured I should get as much as possible out of the trip. I'm glad I did.

One good shot of the ferry coming in. Thankfully I still like ferries. I had a less than pleasant time getting off this ferry. Turns out at Langdale you walk off a car level because they have no passenger walkway. I've always thought that under no circumstances should you get off on a car level~ like ever! So anyhoo I was lost on the ferry and a very nice woman told me I had to go down to level 2 (and I was like that's a CAR level and she said that's okay) so by the time I got down there I was the last person and the man yelled at me to hurry up cause all the cars had to wait for me. Thankfully I wasn't far behind everyone else but still. AUGH. I was worried that I hadn't been listening properly or something but I listened really hard on the way back and frankly you cannot hear the announcer properly through no fault of your own. The ferry is too loud to hear instructions so I stick my tongue out at them.

Anyhoo I got to Gibsons and after a loop de loop bus ride got to the high school which made me very happy. I was super early but I made myself at home at a starbucks (Tim Horton's coffee? Oxymoron right there).
Afterwards I returned and spent a long time in the exhibition part which was amazing. I kept asking if I could take photos and the volunteers would nicely point to the signs that said 'no photography' and I would say 'I know but please?'. What amazing items. The quilts were to die for! And also... turns out there are two types of rug hooking. Michael's rug hooking and rug hooking that is awesome. I can't show you any photos of the awesome rug hooking but trust me. It's like... folded strips of long skinny fabric. So amazing.

After that I went over to the market which rocked my socks off. I had a brief and messy love affair with a Ladybug wheel but due to budget constraints and some issues with pedals I decided against. I solaced my broken heart with a turkish drop spindle and some fleece (80% BFL (heehee) and 20% silk~ I think). I spun while waiting for my friend Lara to arrive. I'm glad I didn't get the ladybug because I am now all over this. I want it. I will have one. When I have money. Oh it will be mine.

I also tried to figure out a way to get this table of Kauni home without the merchant seeing me. Lara arrived and Gibson's got even more fun! We even got to hang out with YarnPiggy and my friend Janet as well. I made lots of friends of all ages and sorts. Simone is a lovely young eight year old who just 'knew how to knit' and Doreen is a lovely older woman who spun paper and wove it into a purse. I know!

Lara is the most amazing crocheter and here she is displaying just one of her creations. This is crocheted! CROCHET!!!!
Do you see that camera too? I know. I know.

The following day Lara and I explored Gibson's Landing some more. I'm not overly familiar with BeachCombers but for all of you who are, here you go. We also went to an awesome bakery called WheatBerries and lots of other fun beautiful places.

The ferry ride home I braved the upper deck to get some nice photos and then quickly went back down since we all know how I feel about heights and water. Lara and I were pretty zonked by that point but it was a quick ferry ride home and we got the express bus into Vancouver. I never put my drop spindle down and actually had enough yarn to pull it off and test the handiness of a turkish drop spindle Saturday evening. Isn't that neat? A ready made ball when you are done.

And this is the other purchase made on Saturday... crochet thread! It's colour fast varigated #12 crochet thread from Romania. Very exciting. I'll post soon what I'm hoping to get done with it. Jenn... you may need to get me some more (Kelowna store). And for those of you observant enough to notice... I didn't get any knitting yarn! I know! Craziness. Well, hopefully I will be able to share with you why I did not get any knitting yarn while at Gibsons.

In other news, I'm going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful post about your amazing trip. When Mom (me) worked for the ferries, so got to ride them free, foot passengers always embarked from the car deck, even on the big routes. One time while I was waiting at the front, which was of course completely open, the ship banged hard into the posts lining the entranceway to the dock, and I was thrown across the deck! Much excitement ensued, but I was fine! I have many more ferry stories but since this is actually your blog, I will stop there. Love your photographs. Beautiful!
Love Mom