Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Summer is Closing Down

I'm in denial but a friend brought that up today. Booger. I enjoy (kinda) not knowing what day of the week it is. I'm soaking it all in~ taking long walks along the water, going to markets, painting and knitting, pretending I have money... it's all good.

I had a sad day today for a bit so I'm focused on the calming and, forgive the word, charmed things in my life right now.

I have an amazing family (friends included in this definition). Everyone wave at Sheena. She's the one who inspired me to paint again. Three cheers!
And see that wine we're drinking? Remember how I didn't buy any yarn at Gibsons? Remember this? That explains the 'I've Got Sunshine' from SeeJayneKnit. I've got mighty fine taste under the influence it would seem. The other yarn is the Yarntini from Sweet Shop that Meg stole from me so I had to go buy some. Yarn is happy and makes me stretch my toes in glee.
And I've got this cute cat guy here.


Anonymous said...

Sad days are hard, but they make us stop for a moment in our busy lives and think about important things. And they make us more complete human beings, I think. However, they are tough, and hopefully they don't happen too often. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, and by the by, the wool is gorgeous and the kitty is cute.

Sheena said...

I'm so pleased we can inspire each other, my love!
Sorry you had a bad day yesterday; hope today makes up for it!
PS: We're so cute in that photo!

Anonymous said...

Loves ya girl! Just thinking about you makes me smile. :) <-- see that, smiling already.

Hope your sad day hits the road, Jack!