Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have a living room again!

It's all so exciting. It's amazing what picking up 14 pillows and vacuuming will do to a room. There was more to it than that but not much more. I moved Spike's yoga mat and found three kitty treats which excited him just as much as when he realized I had moved his mat which makes it new and exciting again. He hasn't gotten off it since.
Spike wonders why I am not giving him treats right now.

So I've been working a lot at the coffee shop and working out like a demon. I really like yoga. And I think I might be able to keep this up. I enjoy the classes more and more and actually kinda missed the gym today. I just feel like my body is more relaxed and can move easier. I've known for a long time that I needed to do something but just couldn't get started. And while yoga is so hard and sometimes you think you will die if the instructor says to hold the pose for two more breathes it's also just so awesome sometimes. The stretches and twists are very... I'm looking for a word that relates to being able to breathe that would apply to the previous statement... I dunno. I lost my vocabulary in July. But whatever that word is, that is yoga to me.

I went hiking. This is the bridge that I started to cry on and freaked out and my friends had to lead me across. Those are them waaaay ahead of me. I took the photo to convince myself I was fine. Then I stopped breathing. Why do I go across suspension bridges?

I took lots of pictures. Pretty rivers (I do fine on other bridges... it's those bloody suspension bridges) and pretty rocks. Than I had to go downhill and found out my shoes did not grip and that sucked. I fell right at the end and ended up tearing some muscle filaments in my left foot. Stupid shoes.

Meg came back from sock summit with my yarn. She keeps on insisting it's hers but I'm like... 'it loves ME!!!'

That's true love if I've ever seen it (thanks Janelle for the photo). I also like how Meg is in the background here~ completely unaware that in an hour I will sneak that yarn out of her bag and contemplate leaving the cafe with it since she *so* did not see me take it. I hit her with it instead (thanks Janelle for the suggestion).

This was also the night I spent 90 minutes doing the kitchener stitch for my cardigan. I've always enjoyed kitchener stitch but now I need to clarify. I enjoy kitchener stitch for socks. A looser large gauge over 70 stitches? Hell. My cardigan has hit a few bumps. The darts are too far down to be effective so as Rachel noted~ they look like boobs (or sassy eggs). So I'm going to pull them into this little pocket detail in the back which has some people concerned but don't worry! I'm pretty sure I think I know what I'm doing! Here's some progress photos. Still need to block it again and do some more fiddling.

My tool kit for this cardigan. See the post its with the sheep clips? That's my pattern.

post-kitchener hell

A clip I'm thinking about for the back.

The seed stitch border was stupidly difficult and un-neccessarily hard but I like it.

And I decided to name it by random wiki article and it (I am DEAD serious here) came up with Jan Baas. I know. So what do you think? Can I call it the J. Baas cardigan?

Do I win prizes for the most random blog entries?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Leone. I love your J.Baas cardigan. And you could expand the Wiki article cause they are looking for more info. Such as "Coincidentally, the Dutch politician enjoyed wearing his cardigan in the evenings relaxing by the fire, while reading his favourite knitting magazine". Love Mom

Jenn said...

where was that hike? I wonder if Jim and I could go do it when we come to visit?

yarnpiggy said...

You are insane. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Squee! That cardigan is gorgeous. :) Plus, that yarn is totally yours!

Yonners said...

Mom you are HILARIOUS!!! And Jenn the place was Lynn Canyon. It's fun but steep when you return. Like really steep.