Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yeah that last entry was kinda depressing

So here's a happy one! Mostly pictures because I could actually go on about how hard it is to come home sometimes after the holidays. Frankly I think there is a big strip of BC that could be moved elsewhere so the lower mainland and the Okanagan were a lot closer together.


here's Malcolm playing with the wooden pots and pans I bought him. He is so smart. Look at that baby. This is just him playing~ no prompting whatsoever. I know. I know.

Thanksgiving lunch! Here's my adorable Grandma...
my Uncle Ray and my Grandpa (my camera asked me...'did someone blink?' after I took this shot which was hilarious! Didn't even know it could do that.)...
Dad's birthday cake!
An impromptu family photo missing some people but hey... baby belly!
And this shot is hilarious because Grandma is teeny and she got two pieces of dessert which meant I had to help her out. Hard job.
Malcolm had a very busy weekend so he took some crash naps here and there.
Oh and on Sunday we went hiking! Well, more of a trail but it was very enjoyable.

There were more pictures (many more of Mal too imagine that). Some things I didn't capture was Julia, Jason, Dad and I shopping for his birthday present at the mall, Mom making the most awesome dairy-free beef strongonoff (how do you spell that?) ever, going yarn shopping with Mom and having a totally incompetent sales lady who didn't know yarn and then charged us for three imaginary 10$ skeins of yarns, visiting friends of the family on their GORGEOUS land on the outskirts of town, Jodi and I talking Mal for a nice long walk, and then walking home after we couldn't figure out how to get the stroller and us in the car, hanging out at Jim and Jenns, and all those good times.
Hope you had an equally freaking awesome long weekend as well. Super hugs!


Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful time with everyone. I live for those get-togethers with everyone. Thank you for coming home for Thanksgiving. Love Mom

Jenn said...

What great pictures! Thanks for posting these, Leone! And thank you for coming to visit and for bringing Mal his new bested toys ever.