Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Need a Theme for November

I'm doing nablopomo again and their theme is that there is no theme. Which is lame! I need a theme! Well, it's not lame. It's their call and all. But I need all of you to suggest some themes okay? Mom? Beetnsy? Alyria? Jenn? Ju? Hilary? Erin? Kipper? EVERYONE ELSE??? I had to stop linking. That just ate up some much time and I already started this blog post over an hour ago (two phone calls). I am imploring you to suggest something. I'm at my wits end. I do not have a single creative thought in my head right now.

I'm going to blame the frosted sugar cookies.

Switching things up now.

Remember how I said last post (you were paying attention right?) how my dear Jodi came up to visit? She's the one who got married in May. And holy crap I cannot find any blog posts related to that. Did I not blog about Jodi's wedding? AUGH!

And also, while looking I clicked on May 2008 instead of 2009 and came across the Mal posts and then went over to Jenn's blog and read the comments on this post and started to cry out of happiness. Yeah. It's now even longer since I started this post.

Okay... back on topic! Jodi came to see me! We did everything! We went to chocolate buffet with all our high school friends, and a dinner party with my new Vancouver friends, went shopping on Main where Jodi spent a lot of money, and ate some gosh darn good food all around. We also bought umbrellas which was appropriate since it POURED like crazy while she was here. Mine is a dark dark blue with light blue tulips on it and Jodi's umbrella is covered in frogs.

Here's Jodi all dressed up for the fancy dinner but it turned out you could go there in ratty jeans and a t-shirt with a wolf on it (not three wolves, but nevertheless). Ain't she a cutie? I am so putting wedding photos on here!
I took her to Solly's and forgot to tell her to ask for 'easy' cream cheese or this is what happens. Is there anyone who can eat the normal amount of cream cheese they put on their bagels?
We played a lot of games but at this point Spike decided that I wasn't allowed to play anymore since my pieces were sitting in the box, which was his rightful property.

He's always so happy when there is an extra lap around.

We had a great time. I've very blessed with my friends.

Speaking of friends... THEMES!!! Tell me what to do every day of November? Yes? Thank you.


Annika said...

Ooh, I want a theme too! Maybe something like a project a day? Not necessarily a new one, just a little bit about something you've made. I don't know.

I never ever get enough cream cheese on my bagels so I'm thinking I like your place.

julia said...

theme ideas:
the virtuous qualities of sisters
why my sisters rock
my sister's cats are very smart because she is too
why my sister doesn't need hairspray

mostly, it think you should just pick different qualities of your sisters to highlight and pay homage to each day. difficult to pick the top thirty i know, but you can try.

Anonymous said...

Themes: the tiny threads that weave through lives and tie us together. Human weaving if you will. :)

Jenn said...

I like Julia's idea