Friday, October 30, 2009

Smart Cookie

Mom, even though she claimed to not know what I was talking about in my last post, had a very good idea for Nablopomo. Instead of one theme, I'll have one theme for each day of the week! A rotating theme list. It sounds fun and organized. So we already have some good ideas, but I still need more to get seven! So far we have...

Maniac Monday: Talk about productive things I do (hopefully this will inspire me to actually do productive things so I can talk about them
Teaching Tuesday: School stuff
Fibre Fridays: Fibre stuff
Spike Saturdays: Spike stories
Sappy Sundays: Using Julia's idea to talk about family... just tweaking it a little.

I need something for Wednesday and Thursday. Ideas?

Spike is exhausted by all this. It's hard being a kitty. I mean, today he got brushed AND he ran after treats. Tiring!

Isn't it hilarious that he uses the window ledge as a shelf for his cheek?


Anonymous said...


Wacky Wednesdays... you could talk about just random things you think or weird things you hear/see or anything that you generally might choose to "edit" for fear of seeming silly.


Wanderlust Wednesdays... if you have traveled or want to travel. You could talk about places you've been, or places you'd like to go (and why)...


Witty Wednesdays... you could simply relay a joke that made you laugh, thus brightening your reader's days (and taking the pressure off to come up with a lot of content seven full days a week...)


Thankful Thursdays... you could talk about things you're thankful for (obviously)... I find this has a positive impact in my life, when I remember to do it...


Thinking Thursdays... used to mull over life's questions


... Okay, I'm out. :D

Anonymous said...

How did that go again, Wednesday's child is full of woe, make it your angst day of the week. ;)

Jenn said...

Workout Wednesday - talk about all the working out you've been doing since joining the gym?

I was also going to suggest Thinking Thursdays! Great minds...

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great ideas you have come up with, and good suggestions from your readers. I agree with the idea of having one or two days that are not too heavy, so you won't feel too "blogged down". Love Mom