Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I hate it when that happens

It's like poor TV shows it doesn't matter. My expectations of Friends is pretty low so it's hard for them to piss me off enough that I'll stop watching because hey, it's not like I'm invested in the characters or that I'll be surprised if there's a major glitch or something. Whatever.

However, when it's a TV show you do like, the little things matter. So that's why I'm not going to even bother finished the first disc of the second season of Ugly Betty. I loved Season one so much. Everything about it~ the characters, the relationships, the story lines, the colours, the sets... but the end of the season you started to see some cracks... mostly an overdone story line with waaaay too much going on but you know, you dealt. A lot does happen but it made it fun. It got a little annoying. It made you say 'huh' and not a good 'huh'. But anyhoo, I just watched the first season again with my friend Jodi (I have pictures of our bloody fantastic four days together (why hello chocolate buffet) but that'll be another post). We decided last night to get the first disc of season two.

Bah. I mean, outside of an even weirder storyline and the introduction of pretty useless new characters, and carrying on storylines that annoyed me in the first place... what the hell is with Betty's moral conscious? With Buffy you could see her struggle to make her decisions and when she messed up they were believeable mess-ups that were consistent with her character. And she was so moral and awesome! I have the book to prove it! But Betty! AUGH!!!!!

She is supposedly so so so moral but she does horrible things for her job, which in the second season includes breaking and entering in order to steal something for her boss! But this is the kicker... she's supposedly so moral that she gets all *dramatic* when she has to choose between telling her boss that Wilamena is having an affair and HER FATHER GETTING A VISA FOR AMERICA. Oh I'm sorry but what? How is that even remotely the same page? Her father is stuck in Mexico and wants to come home and Wilemena is all like 'don't say anything and he'll be back in three days' and Betty is confused? I think that's pretty stupid.

The killer though was when Betty stands in front of her writing class, and despite all ready having a bachelors or something from a college, she plagurizes a story! Everyone knows how horrible that is, and even if you don't think it's horrible, you certaintly don't do it in a way where you are certain to be caught! And we're suppose to believe she's this moral person? I turned it off. I could not take another episode of Betty's inconsistent angst.

And now I'm ticked because I liked that show!

This is for everyone who wonders what I do at my knitting group on Thursday nights. We play 'Dress Up the Nellum'.
It's a good time. Come join us and maybe we'll do the same to you. If you're lucky.


Jenn said...

Hmm, you have confirmed what I saw happening at the end of season One. I don't even know if I finished it. Jim and I lOVED that show and then it slowly but obviously began to suck. BLah I say!!

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea what you were talking about for 95% of that blog, but I still enjoyed reading it. Love Mom

Alyria said...

yeah I'm glad that you are critical of the shows you watch too. I get really annoyed when things just fall apart last minute. What a piss off.

but I love the Dress up the Nellum -- that was cool. I remember that -- lol ...