Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Spoiled Rotten

but seriously, I'd be happy with a hug. It's true! Mmmm... hugs. I love them. I love them so much that just last week I wasn't focusing and someone I love gave me a hug and it was so awesome I got pretty teary.

The other day I had an hour to kill at HMV before a dinner so I decided to start looking for Xmas presents. Besides finding out that DVD collections of TV shows from the 60-80s are freakishly expensive, I realized I needed to make a list for me because I wanted others to have made lists for themselves. I'm kinda tired so I don't care that my sentences are convoluted right now. I like to make my readers *work* for comprehension.

Anyhoo, here is a short list of xmas ideas (and I'm basically talking about my immediate family but it's always fun to share these things as well so you can say 'omzg I want that too!' next time you see me and then after Xmas you can ask to borrow it~ maybe). I'll link to it over there as well because I'll add as time goes on. I never remember everything.

*Amigurumi Knits
*Cat Bordhi's Sock Book
*The Yarn Harlots Never Not Knitting
*eta: Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont

*Socks That Rock
*SeeJayneKnit stitch markers
*Ugh... I cannot find a proper link for these but ThreeBagsFull is selling them~ the case of interchangeable hiya hiya needles.
*Subscription to Interweave Knits
*any yarn really

*Project Runway Season One
*Amercia's Next Top Model Season One

*Really nice pens
*Stationary that has matching envelopes
*Giant kitty scratching post
*Hand made ceramic mugs
*Cool printed fabric
*Neat pendants
*Big earrings
*DS games like Cooking Mama 3, Cake Mania, The New Super Mario Bros., or anyone that involves Spiderman.
*Boardgames to play with groups of people (things in a box is a good example)

Wheeeeee! And now you have to do it too. Thanks.


yarnpiggy said...

I love this post. I feel it gives me licence (Ugh, I hate it when Blogger underlines with red hell Canadian spellings!Licenc, licenc, licenc -- take that, Blogger!) to follow suit. :-)

yarnpiggy said...

Grrrr...and they lie about accepting HTML tags, too!