Thursday, December 31, 2009



Started a three week substitute postition in my practicum class that turned into a six month temporary contract that bumped me a category. I got to teach the same students for two years in a row and got pretty teary at the grade seven grad.


Really can't remember. Probably lost my mind. Oh right.... I think I was doing report cards.
Spike napped.


Had lots of visitors, including this awesome little guy.

Stressful month. I think I cried in public a lot that month. Very thankful for my friends and family helping me get through a lot of scary things going on around me.


One of my best friends got married. It was an awesome awesome awesome day.

I knit on 9" circulars for the first time and made a non-matching pair of cabled socks in record time. Never looked back.


Knit in public day! Got rather sunburned but met tonnes and tonnes of people.
Had another visitor! We managed to get some alone time so we could eat sushi without plates and rock out to Lady Gaga.
My teaching position ended on a great note and lots of fieldtrips.
I sewed on my new sewing machine.
Julia and Jason moved into an awesome new place with their adorable kitties.

Went to Victoria for the first time with my Mom and came back with some pretty spiffy yarn.
Got to visit the farmers market a lot~ often with friends.
The heat here was so bad I occasionally dipped the cat. He didn't enjoy it.

Knit the first edition of my cardigan idea.
Crossed my second suspension bridge. Freaked the hell right out.
Gibsons! And a fun traveling day all by myself! So grownup I tell you.
Drunk online yarn purchase. No regrets.
Quickie tattoo.

Finished the Beast. Still haven't finished the finishing. Sigh.
Started two new temporary teaching positions~ one in a kindergarten room!

More lovely visitors! Jodi and Spike chilling.
Drinking with Sheena...
on Halloween.

Completely reorganized my bedroom. Spike approved.
Used my turkish drop spindle. I just broke that. Did I tell you that? Yeah. It's dead.

My Mom being climbed by her cat and me petting and taking pictures of Jamieson instead of helping her.

Got another xmas with my whole family around me. We lost a dear family friend this year so it was especially important to be able to have everyone there to love.
Happy New Year Everyone!


Mom said...

I loved this blog Leone. All the memories, so wonderful. And of course, I cried, because, well, I pretty much do that 2-3 times per day right now. Love Mom

monnibo said...

Sounds like an awesome year. So sorry to hear you lost some dear friends. But I love the kitty photos!