Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Adreneline Junkie

That likely isn't spelled correctly, but eh. True through, I crave the rapid heartbeat, the twittering of fingers, the heightened senses, the rush! And just to let you know, yeah yeah, sure it's because I've been put on a puffer, but hey, that's kinda like sky diving or bungee jumping or such right? Seriously right now, I can't really sit still and my chair is kinda squeaky so I think I may be annoying other people. Eh. So in the midst of a 6 week midterm/paper fiasco in my classes. This is the week of two midterms, last week was a paper, the week before that was a midterm, and I have a midterm every week for the next two weeks so it's bonkers! I still seem to have enough time to watch the simpsons though. I've got season 1 on DVD, borrowed it from my landpeople. Did everyone know I bought a DVD player? It's a joy. (I feel so sad, nobody is sitting by me, I think it's the twitch) So Spike is all good from his surgery, he doesn't get to eat people food anymore which he is finding very upsetting and is constantly jumping up on the counters so I actually have to put food away now when I'm done with it. He loves the fireplace (as do I) the only problem is when it turns on at night, casting the living room in light for him to knock things off the desk and bookshelf.
My place is really coming along now thanks to the help of lots of lovely people. I just moved my computer from the kitchen table to an actual desk so there is a place to eat now at my place, oh so exciting! Heading back to Vernon on the 16th of December with Jen, though I don't know how long I'll be there for. I do have plans to kidnap Jolene for the holidays . Well, I suppose I should go study or something of the like. I'm very excited to see Sheena's blog! Talk to you later! Leone


Jenn said...

And did I tell you there is a loveseat coming as well? Pretty exciting! Whoohoo! I just watched someone drive backwards from around the loop to the no-parking zone and then try and park. They are getting yelled at by the parking metre dude. *rolleyes*

Sheena said...

Adrenaline Junkie? The day you jump off a bridge is the day I marry Orlando!

Leone said...

Mmmm.... I guess I'll never jump off a bridge cause Orlando is going to marry me! (ohhh.... burn!) heehee!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! what is this silly arguing over Orlando. Total nonsense. We all know perfectly well that I am the one marrying Orlando. ps. loving the blog idea leone!
pps. to the Vernon ladies: I'm coming to vernon on the 19th