Tuesday, October 05, 2004

bloody thing

Okay, so we are going to try this again. I have completely deleted the first blog, but it isn't going away. Here is the one I wrote overtop of it, that would not show up.
Okay dokey, figuring things out alittle here. Just got my fave quote off to the side there for everyone to enjoy. (and by everyone, I mean not very many, as.... oh, two people (myself included) know about this blog?) So here it is, my first 'official' post to commemorate my half assed entry into this wonderful thingie we call the internet. New today, nothing much. Spike is at the vets for his big operation, I actually did my dishes last night before I went to bed, and I should really be working on my social psychology paper right now. Well, must go fool around some more and see if I can change this background and recruite some unsuspecting members. It's like a cult. And that makes me happy. So now my background is this crappy dot formula, very.... polka dot door-esque. Hope it's something different soon. Must stop babbling.
so.... let's hope this works, my patience and humour are waning.


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Leone said...

guess it worked