Thursday, October 07, 2004

Heehee..... dragons are cool

Yeah, so a little bit of fiddling with the templates and look what I did! Those dragons weren't here just awhile ago! Ah hahahahahhaha!!!!! This is too much fun. Wonder what else I can do. Okay, now I really do have to go write some words. Seriously now, no more playing.


Jenn said...

I made a blog, kinda. And then I tried to change the name of it because the name was not what I wanted..

and then it kinda buggered up because it thought the web address was gone already. I need to get a good name for my blog. And figure out if I have to just recreate another id and password.

Very confusing.

Jenn said...

Here's ya go: preludes and nocturnes

The Bears said...


*much clapping of paws and bouncing up and down of bears*

That's cool.

We have to figure out how to do that.

OK Bye
The Bears

Anonymous said...

It looks really good, Leone.

The Bears are quite impressed also, and are looking forward to pointers on how to spice up their BLOG.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, dragons are very cool.
So I finally figured out how to get to your blog, cause the link you gave me didn't work, and I'm sure the address didn't work last time I tried it.
What should I write on this?

ohmygod!! HORSEFLIES!!

-your most Angelic friend