Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh my.....

so I wanted to create a link to other people's blogs on my blog right, but I figured I should ask permission first and everything, so I wrote it all in but instead of blogspot I just put blogpot cause I figured if someone clicked on it there would just be an error or something right? And I'm having trouble with Jen's blog title connecting onto ancient archives so I'm fooling around and I click on Jen's blog connection thingie and all of a sudden I'm taken to abundant bibles webpage! Holy crap! So then I go back and it circle zooms me back to my webpage, and I click on Jim's and it does it again! Bonkers I tell you! Bonkers! so anyhoo, funny as sin. And I'm not actually trying to make religious comments but I just read over then and realize I say those things a lot and in this theme of post it's kinda funny. Anyhoo, isn't that just crazy? Hm. Can anyone explain to me why that happens? Craziness I tell you! Craziness. Tsk Tsk.


The Bears said...

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*We would love to have you link to our blog!

But please make that Bible link go away. It scared us.

OK Bye

Jenn said...

Hey sweetie, link away! And when I can figure things out I'll do the same. The fiddling with fonts and colours is addictive innit?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm one of Jenn's internet friends, she tld me about your Blog as you have a picture at the top (I'm trying to get one in my main header border).

I saw this entry and had to reply- I've found a bible/religious site thing to, when I got a dyslexic moment and typed 'blogpsot' (I forget who's Blog I was trying to find- it was a while ago and I'm very careful now not to do it!)

Check out my old Blog (Firecrackerwd), as it has a guestmap- the last two signees I've never met- one was some religious guy named Bob I think, the more recent guys signed a few days ago dunno how either of them found it :S)