Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Sigh Oh well, what a day. Just to note, see the time of this post? 8am in the morn! I've been up since 6! What is wrong with this? And you know what the scary thing is? It wasn't hard at all to get up! I'm turning into a morning person!!!!! Oh yeah, and yesterday, the two that from now on shall be called GIATS (grossly in-appropriate tounge suckers) were taking up the entire back row of seats on the bus! ack! Well, I should go hand in an excerise, study for my midterm, take my midterm, work (RA, not crappy greasy job which I don't have anymore), finish editing group paper, then sleeping and waking bright and early tomorrow to be sure! Why? Cause I'm a morning person! Whoohoo! Oh yeah, took Spike into the vet this morning and when he realized what I was doing, started hissing at me! Then when we got there, he hissed at the vet. I think he has some anti social tendencies. Well, hm. Good moo to bears! Is it snowing yet? I think I'm going to be Betty Page today.


Jenn said...

It happens - the whole morning person thing. Usually comes about because you have so much to do. Even Julia gets up early now. Wait.. wait... yes I do believe I can hear Hell freezing over as I type.

The Bears said...

Good Moo! Well, actually it's aftermoo here. But Jim says it's still moo there.

My name is Spike, too. I'm a rottweiler puppy, and I have a blue blanket.

What kind of Bear is your Spike? Or is your Spike a flesh-n-blood animoo?

I hope he is okay after the vet. I've never been to a vet. Why did he have to go?

OK Bye

The Bears said...
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Jenn said...

Oh, and Leone - I just thought I'd let you know the pic give me the wiggins because each time I look at it I think it is of you, and then I'm all like "*ack* why did my little sister post a semi-nude pic of herself on her blog?"

imp said...

Doodles i dont like this it made me start a stupid blog just to write a message and i dont have anything to say anyways but u said we should write so i am ok well hi

Leone said...

There, now I'm Rita Hayworth. But, thanks for thinking I look like Bettie Page. Hi Shaye, thanks for posting.

Jenn said...

Thanks! I feel much less wonky viewing that pic. And yeah, you are totally in that whole look of Betty Page with your cute and kickyness.

Anonymous said...

hehehehehehehe can you guess who this is? :o) Ummh, this blog thing looks pretty cool leone ! I woke up early too today, but that's cause i'm sick soo yea. But i thought i'd write a comment just cause hehe and anonymously too. tehehe. Anyways, have a good one and lets see if you can figure out who this is. :o) (although it's prob a little obvious)

Jenn said...

Hey, your new template looks good. Type is almost too small, though. How'd you do that? I've been fiddling with the template but cannot find the section that is the body of the posts. I also cannot seem to alter the size of the post titles in the sidebar. Everything else I can find.

Ah well, I'll work away on it more tonight or tomorrow afternoon.