Monday, October 25, 2004

Crappity crap-crap

well, what a fun day. The h-drives are down! That means I cannot access any of my work on the school computers! Wonderful! I have a lab due by the end of today but hey, whatever! Nor can I go over my power point presentation for class tomorrow, nor can I work on anything cause I can't save it anyways. Okay, and I know some people may consider a B+ okay, and normally I would too, but when it's your favorite class and you think you did so well and 13 people in the class got A's and blah blah blah, well then a b+ sucks monkey. Seriously, bad day. And now, rather loud flippant girl is sitting across from me, being all flippant and loud. Quickly, toss you hair some more! See, now I'm all hyper critical and demeaning in my bad mood. I'm sure she's nice. (it doesn't help that she's wearing green) Well, maybe I'll go.... read some stuff or something. Oh yeah and Adrienne, I was repeating your '15 and legal' statement at the airport story to some friends and my friend, Joyce, totally agrees with you about Daniel Radcliffe. The other people there opted for silence on the debate. But hey, there you go. Talk to you all later, let's believe this day will only get better. Leone


Leone said...

Upon reviewing my past posts and titles- I complain a lot.

Jenn said...

Isn't that what blogs are for?

I'm sorry about the grade on the Midterm, I know how that feels. On a side note, could be worse. You could be the girl in green [/helpful].

Anonymous said...

Sorry the day hasn't been so much with the big fun and all.

But I still think it's totally okay to judge a girl for tossing her hair in an annoying way. Really, if you got to know her, I'm sure she's not nice at all and you'd decide she's a total bitch.