Friday, November 12, 2004

Perils of the Nose

So, as some of you know but others I may have just presumed you know but you actually don't, I have a pierced nose. Yes, I know it's shocking, but it's true.
I got it pierced in Montreal on March 1st, or 2nd, (John would know for sure). And since then, I have managed to keep it and not have my nostril torn in two! That makes me happy. (Funny enough, getting my nose pierced hurt WAY more than getting my eyebrow piercedwho knew?)
I started out with a lovely and expensive green jewel which is lost somewhere in Gwen's house, then I switched to swirly thingie, than to this red stud, but on the second day the red part fell out leaving this ugly dot, but the thing is, the last two were both bars, which are really painful to get in and out, I mean, really really painful. So anyways, I figured no worry, and left the ugly dot in my nose cause well, ow.
So anyhoo, I picked up some really neato nose studs at Claires last week with Florence who got her ears pierced (so pretty!) and I did get some bars, but it was cause I really wanted the little cherries nose stud! So I swallowed the pain and switched the bars.
This was only just last week.
Now, if I tell you where I got my nose studs, Claires, this next bit will be not a suprise. The frickin' green leaf part fell off the nosestud right away! But I had had enough self inflicted torment for the month so I did nothing.
Now the whole reason I wrote this was cause last night, at 430 in the morn (BC time) I was having very vivid dreams, and all of a sudden, I woke up, and just knew that my nose stud was no longer in my nose. It didn't hurt really, but there was a feeling of absense. So I touched my nose hesitantly with my fingers to realize I was right, there was no longer a cherry nose stud in my nose, but there was a growing amount of free running blood!
Gross eh?
So after frantically looking for my nose stud in my bed, I took off for the bathroom with Spike hot on my heels (he thought we were playing a game and was soooo excited) where I tore apart the medicine cabinet looking for other studs (though I grew concerned my landpeople were going to call the cops when I dropped my bottle of hairspray really loudly) and finally, in a panic because of my still slightly confused in my dream/what's happening state, I found my studs and quickly pushed (owowowowowowowow!) an ironically red nose stud into my bleeding nose... hole.
So anyways, as I mulled over how exactly my nose stud was ripped out of my head in the middle of my sleep, I found the cherry stud on my bed all bent up. I purposely sleep with no blankets that will snag my nose stud, so I couldn't figure out what had happened, but then I realized, I have a bandaid on my finger! (yes I am in emoticon heaven, why?)
So I have come to the conclusion that people with nose studs should never wear bandaids to bed. Which deeply conflicts with having an insane (but socially active!) kitten living in the house.
But yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In other news-no cavities!


Jenn said...

okay, I actually already knew that story from our car-ride up to the uni, but I must say the pictures really made it much better *grin*

And as I told you, that still doesn't compare to the time I was sleeping on a boat for a month and had to wear earplugs to sleep. The night I had a majorly vivid dream of eating popcorn and woke up chewing on one of my earplugs.

That story still makes me ick out.

Glad your nose looks all okay today. And I'm sure Spike loved the games at 4:30am!

julia said...

reminds me of that fateful night after i got my nose peirced. made the mistake of having it done with a gun.


yonners... you were out of town with mom. i was about to leave for uni, and jenn was a bad influence.

so the night after i allow some over peroxized hair dresser who smelled like vo5 hair spray hold my head while her 19 year old protege shove an ear peircing gun up my nose, i woke up in horrible pain.

you know how sometimes you can remember your last action before waking up? well i remember my arm flinging itself carelessly across the bed and connecting with my face. or nose to be more exact.

it felt like it'd just driving a nail through my face and into my brain. which was close to what i'd done. blood was everywhere and i was quite concerned about convincing my mother this had been a good idea after she has to wash the sheets.

it stopped eventually, don't really remember how. not too important. really the important thing was that i didn't, as a peircer friend later told me, um... puncture my sinus cavity! woo hoo! good for me!

lesson learned. guns bad. needles good. take that DEA and NRA.

julia said...

anyway, yonners come check out my blog... 'juliasaid' ;P

The Bears said...

Oh, middle of the night runs and searches sounds like a fun game to play with Spike the Cat! YAY!

OK Bye

PS Jim looked over my shoulder at your post, and suggested I maybe missed the point. Sometimes Jim so doesn't get the nuances of a post.

Anonymous said...


you're older sister is drunk. and on a monday night! eep the scandal. hmm i just thought about it. and you only have older sisters. so maybe i should post this as anonymous and then you won't know which one it was. ah hah! brillant!

okay now to use the mouse thannng to change the user from, ummm, jenn (?) to anonymous.

okay done. now you'll never know what older sister was browsing your website all soused up on a monday night. (hint hint, it was jenn:)

Jenn said...

Yeah, except then you posted on your own blog that you are drunk and the post is on a monday night...


But your comment is pretty funny, nonetheless. *snort*

kisses to you both - and I hope you're feeling okay this morning Ju [/quiet hugs]