Friday, November 05, 2004

Quiet Grad Room

Mmmm.... it's Friday afternoon. I'm pretty darn tired. I think I will go to bed very very early tonight. I keep on staying up to watch Jon Stewart but I wonder if I should try to hook up my VCR to tape it. That would be good. I've also decided to become an OC fan, yup, jumping on that bandwagon. (so to the eyebrow crooking masses, I got cable) Florence is getting her ears pierced this weekend, all very exciting. There is also the much anticipated Jen and Coral's house warming party on Saturday, sure to be the talk of the town till Christmas. That's all I'm going to post right now, no rants really, no grudges or sneers, just a post about the current quietness of the grad office. And also, I wanted to make a November post. It's exciting, cause it's not October. Tralala, call me!

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Sheena said...

Forget The O.C. Leone, two shows you should be watching are Lost, on Wednesdays, and Desperate Housewives on Sundays. I think you'll really like Housewives. I think they're all snucking crack!