Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This is Julia's fault!

Well, the compulsive quizzing is Julia's fault. My own amazingness in why I'm
You're Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Yeah. and three times over (so... in three different quizzes)Angel is my soulmate. Here's a clip from one of the quizzes.


Who's your male Buffy soul mate?
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It turns out I'm Willow, which made me sad cause I'd rather be Tara, but than I figured out, hey that means Tara loves me! So I'm good with that. I really liked this one too.
Wow, you *really* know everything about Buffy and Angel! Yay for you!
Wow, you *really* know everything about Buffy and
Angel! Yay for you!

(__/ The Ultimate Buffy & Angel Quiz \__)
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This next one was stupid though cause it was easily rigged (question was something like... where do you live? and the answers were all the place the characters lived so it was kinda lame, but I enjoy the tag so)
Frosta. You are the empress of the northern
latitudes. You live in a world of ice and
shimmering snow. Your skills in ice magic are
strong. You may live in a cold world, but you
have a warm heart. You are a flirt.

Which She-ra Heroine are you?
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ah well, must run off to class. I doubt this is the last we'll see of quizilla. Tata, LeoneorFrostaorWilloworAngelsluvah.


julia said...

it's terrible isn't it... i actually did all the posts at once, but then save some of them as drafts so that it wouldn't look like i was a total psycho. well, that gig is up...

Jenn said...

Note to self: next thesis writing break to be spent at Leone's blog.

Coral said...

So apparently I am glimmer which could be cool, but my buffy sould mate is Riley.
Grodioso dude
I repeat
Groooooddiiiiiooooosssooo dude.

Jenn said...

So far I am Lili St. Cyr and Angel is my soulmate. Although I think I was really trying for Spike. And on a side note, it has started to blizzard out there and I don't mean the yummy (yet high in points) Dairy Queen treat.