Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Messiah Blogs

Yeah that's right. Anyhoo, some ideas for presents for me! include the following...
  • socks-with monkeys, cats, or owls on them! (Lizards will do as well) Brightly coloured or striped knee socks acceptable as well!
  • gift certificates to HMV or DVDs (unfortunately I want all the expensive TV series ones so eh)
  • a dresser
  • books books and more books-like the first, fourth, and fifth Harry Potter, any on the Kushiels Dart trio (I need to give Maggie back her copy), or gift certificates to coles, ANY of the bloom county comics, or any cool coffee table books with lots of pretty pictures
  • same old art supplies as usual, though no watercolour or pencils, but cool paper to paint on or what have you
  • a really good packsack for school cause mine is all ripped
  • a camera
  • framed paintings or cool things to hang on my wall(I'm not so much into faeries anymore, more of a... chinese dragon phase right now)
  • all about the jewelry
  • a grater
  • pots for cooking
  • toys for Spike
  • bed pillows
  • earphones, the type that go around the back of your neck so as not to muss your hair
so that's quite a lot, basically I'm all for any gift cause I'm not picky, and in a pinch, money will do ; P . Anyhoo, I'm soooo excited for the holidays! Baileys, hot chocolate, and David Bowie wearing makeup! Woohooo! Well, away I go to study.

Blessed be my children, blessed be.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This is Julia's fault!

Well, the compulsive quizzing is Julia's fault. My own amazingness in why I'm
You're Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah. and three times over (so... in three different quizzes)Angel is my soulmate. Here's a clip from one of the quizzes.


Who's your male Buffy soul mate?
brought to you by Quizilla

It turns out I'm Willow, which made me sad cause I'd rather be Tara, but than I figured out, hey that means Tara loves me! So I'm good with that. I really liked this one too.
Wow, you *really* know everything about Buffy and Angel! Yay for you!
Wow, you *really* know everything about Buffy and
Angel! Yay for you!

(__/ The Ultimate Buffy & Angel Quiz \__)
brought to you by Quizilla

This next one was stupid though cause it was easily rigged (question was something like... where do you live? and the answers were all the place the characters lived so it was kinda lame, but I enjoy the tag so)
Frosta. You are the empress of the northern
latitudes. You live in a world of ice and
shimmering snow. Your skills in ice magic are
strong. You may live in a cold world, but you
have a warm heart. You are a flirt.

Which She-ra Heroine are you?
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ah well, must run off to class. I doubt this is the last we'll see of quizilla. Tata, LeoneorFrostaorWilloworAngelsluvah.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Spike's big adventure

So Spike paid the vet a little visit this morning. As you can imagine, he was thrilled. Now, the first time Spike visited the vet he was so scared he didn't move or blink the entire time, nor did he detach his claws from my sweater. But the second time we went it was a little different. The moment I put his leash on and took him outside, the hissing and spitting begain. And yes, spitting. He was so bad that the vet decided not to take his tempature, mainly due to the low grumblings he was omitting. He also has a social problem, basically he would start flipping out in his cage if he was too close to other cats and extending his paw out of his cage to scratch people.

He's special.

So anyways, after waking to my defcom4 alarm, Spike and I set off in Jen's car (with Jen driving) away to the vet. Because it's been about three weeks, I think his memory was a little dim from last time, so he was mostly new smells occupied. Though then we got to the vet and he started to slink further and further under my arm. However, we got into the examining room and I am so proud of his non spitting and scratching. I won't go as far as to say he was social or anything, when the vet lifted him off of the table to get weighed, he refused to move any of his legs from their previous position, it was like he was a statue. So he didn't even squawk when the vet was feeling his tummy. I was so proud. Then came the shots. So Spike was sitting, facing me, and the vet was behind him and gave him the shot in the hindquarter region. Poor Spike. So he lunges with his left paw and arched around, I think he was trying to slit the vet's wrist. Anyhoo, the vet escaped from that one, and I held Spike a little tighter for the next shot, which consisted in some hissing. So luckily, no bodily harm to me, the vet, nor Jen. Jen was placed in some danger when she was holding Spike while I was paying and a very big dog came in, so Spike had to let him know who was the alpha male in the room by hissing. Least to say, it all went all and Spike doesn't need another visit for a whole year. He's adjusting well to his new grown up kitty food and has gotten more friendly with some of the toys I purchased for him months ago (I sprayed them with catnip). I have lots of photos of him I will hopefully be sending out with Christmas cards if I ever get around to that so for those who have not seen him, he is the cutest cow kitten ever. Well, that's all that's new for now! Bybye!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bloated Arnold

so this morning, I ate two pancakes really quickly (it was the source of food I used to bribe myself out of bed half an hour late) and chugged my coffee before coming to school, and then in Jen's car we were discussing the future ramifications of automated trash pickup (the terminator) and then we said something about Arnold being governor, and then my tummy made some gurgling noise, so I went 'uuuggghh' and Jen agreed with me. So now it determined I have yucky arnold tummy. And frankly, my arnold tummy is very upset and bleckey. On other news, I'm making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Website! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And I got a spray bottle for Spike jumping on the counters. He's not so happy about this recent purchase. Hey, it's nearly my birthday! Have you all gotten more presents yet? huh? Punk.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Perils of the Nose

So, as some of you know but others I may have just presumed you know but you actually don't, I have a pierced nose. Yes, I know it's shocking, but it's true.
I got it pierced in Montreal on March 1st, or 2nd, (John would know for sure). And since then, I have managed to keep it and not have my nostril torn in two! That makes me happy. (Funny enough, getting my nose pierced hurt WAY more than getting my eyebrow piercedwho knew?)
I started out with a lovely and expensive green jewel which is lost somewhere in Gwen's house, then I switched to swirly thingie, than to this red stud, but on the second day the red part fell out leaving this ugly dot, but the thing is, the last two were both bars, which are really painful to get in and out, I mean, really really painful. So anyways, I figured no worry, and left the ugly dot in my nose cause well, ow.
So anyhoo, I picked up some really neato nose studs at Claires last week with Florence who got her ears pierced (so pretty!) and I did get some bars, but it was cause I really wanted the little cherries nose stud! So I swallowed the pain and switched the bars.
This was only just last week.
Now, if I tell you where I got my nose studs, Claires, this next bit will be not a suprise. The frickin' green leaf part fell off the nosestud right away! But I had had enough self inflicted torment for the month so I did nothing.
Now the whole reason I wrote this was cause last night, at 430 in the morn (BC time) I was having very vivid dreams, and all of a sudden, I woke up, and just knew that my nose stud was no longer in my nose. It didn't hurt really, but there was a feeling of absense. So I touched my nose hesitantly with my fingers to realize I was right, there was no longer a cherry nose stud in my nose, but there was a growing amount of free running blood!
Gross eh?
So after frantically looking for my nose stud in my bed, I took off for the bathroom with Spike hot on my heels (he thought we were playing a game and was soooo excited) where I tore apart the medicine cabinet looking for other studs (though I grew concerned my landpeople were going to call the cops when I dropped my bottle of hairspray really loudly) and finally, in a panic because of my still slightly confused in my dream/what's happening state, I found my studs and quickly pushed (owowowowowowowow!) an ironically red nose stud into my bleeding nose... hole.
So anyways, as I mulled over how exactly my nose stud was ripped out of my head in the middle of my sleep, I found the cherry stud on my bed all bent up. I purposely sleep with no blankets that will snag my nose stud, so I couldn't figure out what had happened, but then I realized, I have a bandaid on my finger! (yes I am in emoticon heaven, why?)
So I have come to the conclusion that people with nose studs should never wear bandaids to bed. Which deeply conflicts with having an insane (but socially active!) kitten living in the house.
But yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In other news-no cavities!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Quiet Grad Room

Mmmm.... it's Friday afternoon. I'm pretty darn tired. I think I will go to bed very very early tonight. I keep on staying up to watch Jon Stewart but I wonder if I should try to hook up my VCR to tape it. That would be good. I've also decided to become an OC fan, yup, jumping on that bandwagon. (so to the eyebrow crooking masses, I got cable) Florence is getting her ears pierced this weekend, all very exciting. There is also the much anticipated Jen and Coral's house warming party on Saturday, sure to be the talk of the town till Christmas. That's all I'm going to post right now, no rants really, no grudges or sneers, just a post about the current quietness of the grad office. And also, I wanted to make a November post. It's exciting, cause it's not October. Tralala, call me!