Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things to remember to keep me going

* tomorrow is day 3 of week nine of thirteen weeks
* next week is only three days long
* 43 days and I'll be done
* at least I'll eventually get out; the professors are there forever!
* after these four, only three more psych courses to finish
* at least I'm not homeless or desolute or friendless
* I love my bed
* Spike doesn't seem bothered by any of this at all
* even if I bombed today's exam the rest of the class did too
* even if I bomb tomorrows exam I'll still have chocolate waiting for me at home
* just because I have a presentation in three days with seven other people, five of whom I don't know nor have ever met, and we don't have an outline and none of our email addresses work, doesn't mean it won't go well.
* jesus loves me
* Jenn bought me a pink water bottle since mine was left at school (my fault) and taken by someone (bastard)
* I had kick-ass medusa hair for halloween and that will never change

I'll keep going.


julia said...

that's a very very good list.

and just keep remembering that one... the profs will be there forever and ever and ever reading the same plagerized papers.

Anonymous said...

And you have a mom who loves you very, very much.mom

The Bears said...

Good list!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And also, in just two weeks, some of us Bears will be visitoo again!

OK Bye

Melly said...

Jesus does love you and so do I. Hang in there!