Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A firey shower of star shaped books about samosas written in dye made from pansies plauged the western half of N. America-excluding parts of Alaska

I had very high expectations for today. I don't know what I really expected to happen, but nothing really all that significant happened. It was a nice day, don't get me wrong, quite a nice day detailing some friends stopped by, and I knit a dishcloth and watched lots of simpsons, but nothing that I could put on this blog entry in big capital letters with lots of exclamation marks. A jehova witness came by this morning while I was still in my big red houserobe. That was fun. Oh wait, I could make this into a big thing.... SPIKE TRIED TO SCALE THE FRONT DOOR WHILE IT WAS OPEN, GOT TO THE TOP BUT LOST BALANCE, DANGLED BY HIS FRONT PAWS FOR AWHILE, THEN FELL, HITTING HIS BUM ON THE LOW BOOKSHELVE THINGIE BEFORE HITTING THE FLOOR!!! Meh, not quite what I was going for but it works. Spike was fine by the way, he licked his tail for a long time and then decided to run run run and so now Chuck and him are wrestling.

And I'm proud of my dishcloth. I'll try to see if I can get a photo of it for here. Even though it's just a dishcloth- I still knit it in a half a day so I'm proud.

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The Bears said...

Congratulatoos on the dishcloth. Did the Canadia Bears help?

And sorry to Spike aboo his bum bum.

*much sympathoo of Bears*

OK Bye