Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Productivity, the fun kind

So it is only 12:30 pm and I've been so crazy productive! Bonkers I tell you. And none of that 'writing papers, studying, reading textbooks' productivity, this is the good kind.
  • Knit
  • Written two long overdue emails
  • Organized my email inbox into folders (8) and went through over 200 emails (still 300 to go)
  • bought a book of poetry (don't get excited, just a student anthology but still, makes me happy)
  • Finished the details on a scarf I'm designing
  • Showed somebody how to do a russian join (knitting)
  • Bought yarn (for scarf I'm designing so it's a legit purchase)
  • Had three coffees!!!
  • Talked to a good acquaintance which is nice because she's leaving for Vancouver in two days and I didn't think I'd get to see her before she went
  • went for a fourty five minute walk
  • and now I'm blogging!
In other news, I found a Star Bright cake pan and it's really expensive because the woman also rents them out but I want it so badly. Should I fork out the 20 dollars for it? I mean, it's Star Bright!


Helen said...

That's the good kind of productivity, getting the little bits done!

Anonymous said...

buy it!!!!!!!!!

(i would at least...)

your seeeester

The Bears said...

You should buy it!

Then we can let ourselves eat cake!

*much agreemoo of Bears*

OK Bye

Jenn said...

I think you should buy it only if you will also buy a little set of cake decorating supplies. And then you will make fancy cakes with the colours and the details.

And I will get fat.

Anonymous said...

so did you buy it???? the suspense is killing me!