Friday, June 09, 2006


There was a wasp in the living room. This involved herding the kitties into my room, a chair in order to get close enough to the wasp (on the ceiling), throwing heavy magazines (simple living), jumping on magazines, realizing wasp is not under magazine, throw magazine outside anyways (just in case), phone Jenn, finding possibly dead/not moving wasp on floor, dropping a magazine on it but running away and screaming at the same time, jumping on said magazine, putting armchair ontop of magazine, realizing Spike will get to the dead wasp no matter what (and that leaving a dead wasp underneath a magazine underneath an armchair is not the responsible approach to the whole situation), herd the kitties back into my room, picking up the magazine, getting a bag to pick up the wasp, realize I cannot pick up the wasp, putting the magazine back on the wasp and jumping on the magazine till the wasp is smushed onto the magazine, and I'm very proud to say, carry the magazine to the garbage can outside, let the kitties back out, and restore the living room back to order. I've also been compulsively checking the kitties to make sure they weren't stung but so far they are fine so I'm guessing that they weren't stung, doesn't mean I won't stop checking.

In other news, the blister I got on my index finger on my left hand because of my knitting on tiny metal needles with thick yarn got stabbed by another knitting needle yesterday and started to bleed! Dangerous I tell you! Well, I do like to live life on the edge.

Spike says hi.

Finished The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin. I really liked it. I imagine it would be spookier if I didn't know how the story ended, but still, had quite a chills in the spine factor. If I ever join a bookclub I would love to discuss this book with people. Halfway through V for Vendetta, and so far I am really enjoying it. I don't know if I want to see the movie but I think I will when I am done the book. I'm having a hard time picturing Natalie Portman as Evey but meh.

Up and atom!


Noneuclid said...

Good job handling the wasp. I didn't know to herd the kitties away from wasps while I was there, so Spike and I ended up hunting and killing one. Chuck stood on the opposite side of the living room and watched.

Spike did a good job. He kept punching it with his paw, while I kept slapping it with a magazine. He eventually killed it with a cross, and I scooped it up before he ate it.

But now I know to herd the kitties away if a wasp gets in.


Noneuclid said...

Killed it with a right cross, that is. Like the term "cross" is used in boxing.

Not a crucifix.

Because it would just be weird if Spike pulled out a crucifix to kill a wasp.


Jenn said...

That really would be weird if he had a cross to kill it. Would totally mean that we watch too much Buffy.

Annika said...

I am glad that Jim clarified. But also sad, because the mental image was damn funny.