Sunday, November 01, 2009


Thanks for everyone who helped out! Some were pretty intense, some deep, some silly, and all appreciated (aaawww!). The overall theme is productiveness, which is ironic since being on the computer is one of the most non-productive, productive-time sucking activities I do, but whatever.

I'm glad to get today's post out of the way though. I woke up to a possessed mouse which has happened before. I don't know why but when I return this one (I've returned one before for the same reason) I'll also get a mousepad. I hope to find one with Bettie Page on it or something. Does April Flores do mousepads? Anyhoo. Possessed mouse (impossible to click on things, scrawls around the screen randomly without the mouse moving, jumps over links, basically a total bastard) and last night rocked so slightly hungover, slightly grumpy equals really grumpy me. I've done nothing productive today. Wait... I sewed buttons on my Hey Teach and finally finished it but that was because I was in the company of productive people so it rubbed off on me. And I'm happy to report that I have so far stuck to my no buying yarn till January pledge.

So Napropoblom, after today, will follow these themes. I reserve the right to 3 Random Pirate Overtaking if for some reason I need to blog outside the guidelines. If I do two entries in one day, as long as one of them is on theme, it is not considered one of my RPOs.

Maniac Monday: How productive I am being (productive like a maniac) either it be cleaning, knitting, reading, teaching, etc etc.

Teaching Tuesday: If I could post the pictures of how cute my kids were for halloween... oh god~ SO CUTE!!!!

Workout Wednesday: talking about what I'm doing at the Y and where else I'm being active. (I really like your idea Beetnsy about woeful Wednesday but I'm sure I will work my angst into every post but high five!)

Thinking Thursday: Deep thoughts.

Fibre Friday: wheeeee!

Story Saturday: changed this one to be stories about friends and family so meshing everything together. If my sisters want they can pretend this is Sister Saturday.

Sanguineness Sunday: (yeah, whatever) So this day we check up on my 30 by 30 and I talk about my goals for the future and new things I want to achieve, either travel or apartment wise... so major goals and long term dreams.

Okay, I'm off to make myself a hot chocolate because apparently all the sugar I've consumed recently isn't enough. There will be pictures from halloween they'll just show up after I get the new mouse since as I write this the pointer is hysterically jumping up and down the left side of the screen.

Stupid computer.

A photo of Spike protecting my stash for the masses.

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Anonymous said...

Great first blog for November Leone. Looking forward to all the exciting things you are going to talk about. Love Mom