Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy endings!

I like the Olympics; however, I don't like what has happened to my city because of the Olympics. I don't like where the money has gone when 800 teachers received possible lay off notices and we're facing even more school closures. I don't like that we lost our seawall in November. I don't like the excess security. I don't like the way the homeless are being treated. I agree with a lot of what the protesters are saying. And just so we are clear, the people who smashed windows and destroyed property, are not protesters. They are wack-jobs. I don't agree with the people who protested the torch relay either. Way to be killjoys. I just think a lot of things could have been done even a little bit differently for these Olympics, and it's sad to be caught in that.

I'm glad I have friends who are benefiting off the Olympics~ they are good people and I'm glad they are getting to experience this. I'm glad I know them because it's good for me to see that.

Still, that being said, as of last Friday at lunchtime, I was telling someone that I just couldn't seem to get excited. I wanted to be at least somewhat happy. I mean, it is the bloody Olympics. You'd think I'd be, you know, even a little bit 'woo'. But I wasn't. I was.. meh.

Thankfully, I am slightly excited now. I went to an awesome opening ceremonies party where I have to say I enjoyed the ceremonies. I think it was good that I was with a group of people that shared the same emotions as me, so I didn't feel pressured to enjoy it even if I wasn't. But I did. It was fun. I loved the whales!!!! Did you see the whales?!?!?! And also? K.D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah?!??! Like I said earlier, that would have been worth the ten years of credit card debt right there.

And then there was that hydraulics thingie which made us, oh, you know, nearly die. And then we were convinced someone was going to fall under the wheels of the truck, but all in all, it was pretty gosh darn awesome.

Since then I've been having fun. I totally lost it when we got gold. GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD!!!!!!

In knitting Olympic news...

Day One....
whatever... I cast on.

Day Two...
about 34 rows. It looks messy but hopefully (for Meg) it'll turn out in the end. There are some dropped stitches that will eventually happen. It takes awhile. It's pretty stressful. I put in a life line but it snagged the first five stitches and pulled them through the next ones which created a huge mess (another ironic moment) but I think I pulled it off. I knit about another 20 today but I'm suppose to be knitting 30 rows a day in order to finish three days before the deadline. If I get any days off this week (cross your fingers I won't) I'll try to catch up.

A few weeks ago I dropped my precious pepper groom shaker. I was pretty upset.

I'm happy to say that even though he no longer carries pepper, he's back beside his bride.
Yeah for happy endings!


Louisa said...

Poor groom! That's gotta hurt. They're a really cute couple though.

Totally agree with you on your Olympical sentiments. I've been getting a little more enthusiastic and even watching some stuff and cheering for Canada. But it's still not making up for some of the shortages and cutbacks and layoffs that are going to happen after. Because apparently we can afford to fly snow in to Cypress in a helicopter but can't keep schools open? Can you say "screwed-up priorities"?

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

The stole looks loverly!

I understand your mixed feelings about the games. I think that might be what makes us Canadian, eh? :)

knitpixie said...

I totally have mixed feelings about it, which honestly has really bugged me because I was sooooo excited when we won the bid (hey I was young and naive), I'm glad I've been able to find some excitement.

And I'm sure the shawl will be awesome.