Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Things about Lala

1. Lala is a cuddle monster.

She plays but will often just stop and then come and curl in my lap or try to shove her face up my nose. She will just let me hold her and carry her around the apartment. She also will mold herself to you, stretching her neck out long and laying it down or finding any corner that she can mash her face into perfectly. She purrs like a motor.

Lala looking out the big bad window of scariness from the safety of the other side of the living room.

2. She's cuter than I can express in photos.

It's hard to get pictures of her right now because either we're hanging out in the bathroom where the light is horrid or we're outside and she's moving rather quickly (or in this photo, going for the camera cord). I also don't have the best camera. I'm thinking of maybe arranging a yarn bribe for Katy for some professional photos. It will also be nice when I can take photos of Spike and Lala together.
Death to all camera cords.

3. She loves her kitty bed.

I made Lala a bed the first night she came here because I wanted something special for her. I've wanted a kitten for a long time but getting Lala was very spontaneous it seemed. I was having a hard time getting approved and had kinda given up hope but all of a sudden APPROVED and then it was like, well, get her or someone else will, so I was like... okay. In some ways I feel very unprepared for a kitten but in other ways, not at all.

Right, back to the bed. I made it impromtu like but based it upon one of Mal's pillows.
I cut out two big circles (that I drew freehand late at night so they're more of ovals) out of my star fabric then sewed the right sides together with about a three inch gap. Then I turned it right side out and sewed another circle in the inside leaving a two inch gap. I reached through both gaps and filled the inner circle semi-full, then sewed it closed with the machine. Then I overstuff the outer circle and hand-sewed it closed. Spike tried to jump in it right away but he's kinda big for it so I promised him I'll get some more stuffing and make him one too.
Long legged kitten.

4. She's a hardy little kitten.

We had a scare yesterday when I didn't see Spike come into the bedroom with Lala and I. He jumped on the bed and hissed at her, then chased her and took some swats at her before I could get him out. It was really scary and poor Lala. She didn't totally freak out though, she wasn't panting or hysterical. She just seemed really sad.

We didn't go all the way back to square one (aka. Spike hissing at the bathroom door even from the living room). Spike is fine with her as long as I am holding her but they haven't bumped noses yet. Today I put Spike in my bedroom for a bit and let Lala investigate but she was pretty skitish.

She really can't go two feet without being distracted by a noise or a light or... air. It's not an anxious response though it's more of a curious response. I did end up turning on the tv though so she could get use to the noise. She's done wonderfully detailing her roommate.
OMG what was that? And that? And what's that? That?

5. Lala is similar to Spike.

Once he gets over his spoiled only cat syndrome things will be a lot better. They both like small spaces, they both have oddly indifferent attitudes to cat toys, they both like to nap, and they both do that shoving of faces into noses. The big difference between the two that I like is that Lala does not seem to shed at all. I hope that never changes.

I can hold Lala right now and be in the same room as Spike. I've actually had him sitting at my feet staring at Lala without hissing.

Progress. It's good good progress.

Spike isn't... around here right now is he?

6. I made the right choice about Lala.
There were three different kittens I was looking at. One was Seven, which really, is more of an idea of a kitten than a specific one. I was thinking that I needed to go for a really energetic female cat to take on Spike. There was also a beautiful persian female kitten, and then there was Lala. Lala, at first, was not an option because she was sooo shy. The only thing was, I kept on picking her up because she was so lonely looking. The persian was tempting because she was so beautiful and, as I told the vet, she was a total trophy cat as pet stores would sell her for 500$ at least, but she lacked the personality of Lala. When the SPCA told me I could get a kitten I knew that Lala was perfect.

This video is pretty long. Do you see her Vulcan foot? She's permently wishing you a long and prosper life (I know it's 'live long and prosper'). Ignore the messy apartment. I'm sick, working, and got a new kitten. I'm surprised my apartment is still standing frankly.

And a word about Spike...
he'll be fine. Soon, he'll be a much happier cat than ever before.
He just doesn't believe me.


Anonymous said...

No yarn bribing is required! Just name a time and I'm there! Weekends would probably be better (daylight). Any excuse to play with a kitten.

I hope she and spike get along soon enough. I'm like, crazy jealous on behalf of Hobbes. I think he'd like a little girlfriend. If you ever want to take her on a field trip we could test out that theory, lol...

Anonymous said...

7 & 8

She has the wonderful tabby M on her forhead!

And, those huge bright eyes are positively captivating!

monnibo said...

SO cute. Great to hear both are adjusting well. I love her kitty bed!!

Sheena said...

Aw, she's adorable! I want to meet her soon! (Hi Spike!)

Anonymous said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................