Thursday, February 04, 2010

I am tired

I have clocked 25.5 km since buying my bike yesterday at 3pm. I did a route today that I did yesterday and it felt much much harder. I'm trying to remember the angst I feel on this route because I'm hoping in a few months it will be a breeze and I laugh heartily when I think about how difficult it once was. Ahhhh hahaha.

Want a meaning of irony? When you ride all the way to your sister's place after work in order to pick up your bike lock so you can take your bike to knitting night and then get home after having gone 10 kilometres out of your way and realize there is no way you are biking to knitting night now.

Now I shall distract you with pictures of my beautiful beautiful bike.

I have no idea what to name my bike. Helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was leaning towards Adelle but now I just don't know. Hmph.


Wenchie said...

Your bike is gorgeous! No wonder you road yourself to exhaustion on it...

Jenn said...

So pretty!!! Yay!

I like Betsy.