Saturday, February 06, 2010

I am the crazy cat lady

I think acknowledging it is the first step. Not caring is the second.

I'm having some knitting angst. In... a few days (I really need to go finish signing up) the knitting Olympics starts. Which is good because right now I'm really really really not a fan of the real Olympics so this is a nice positive thing to come out of it. Anyhoo, yeah, I need to get my knitting under control, hopefully a little more before it starts. Right now I've got....

Yeah... this is going to require some labeling...
#1: Rainbow Blanket~ lots of acrylic, happy colours, pretty boring but I love it. Would like to start on the next colour soon.
#2: Crazy Harry Potter Cowl~ started this around xmas and totally forgot about it. It was actually pretty neat so I'll talk more about it when it's done.
#3: Cashmere cowl that just needs some ties
#4: Harry Potter socks~ just need to finish the toe but had to frog it the first time because the sock was too short.
#5:Handspun cardi~ had some issues, need to frog the new blue yarn to the handspun (the pleats were not at a good spot).
#6:Noro scarf~ boooooooring.
#7: The Never Ending Knee Socks~ started these when I still lived in PG. I am on the ribbing but there's about four or five inches of black ribbing with tonnes of stitches on small needles. Makes my brain hurt. I need to bring this to knit night and offer rewards to anyone who knits a row for me.
#8: Brown Angst Socks~ augh. So many stitches.
#9: My swatch for the knitting olympics. Still haven't finished my training! I'll dedicate a whole post to this soon.

But wait! There's more!
#10: Alyria's skirt. Very close to finishing.

Some of you may already know my issue. It's called stockinette stitch, and I haz it. A lot of it. And if it's not stockinette stitch, it's garter or ribbing. Very boring knits. I really want to start a shawl or patterned socks or an intricate cardigan but I need to finish some of this!

And my reward for finishing half of these is this...
Dream in Colour Starry. I know I'm not suppose to buy yarn but a)I'm doing really well with not buying yarn and b)this is the first time I've seen this yarn so how was I not suppose to get it?

Onto a new subject, my bike. Still don't have a name :( Oh, and after that whole, 25km in 24 hours means you can't really move very well the next day. Oi vey. My progression into the bike culture is progressing nicely. Instead of using a purse flipped upsidedown and tied with cord to hold stuff...
I'm using a real pannier!

Other news, I made peanut butter tofu cabbage rolls. Mmmmm....

And the final subject of this post, I spent today with Darcy and she recommended a peacock feather for Spike. It worked really well and we played for about fifteen minutes before he decided he was done! That's a record for him. He never plays. Ever. He chases treats but that's about it.

I love this photo. The feather looks like molten something.
But look! Proof! He is playing!
But now he's pretty feisty so I'm going to leave him alone for a bit.
Next post... hopefully finished things!!!


PrincessD (better known as Girl) said...

I totally meant to say that I would do your ribbing on your socks if you want me to... I like stockinette and thought it might help you get your mojo going?
Also, whatever happened to seahorsee?

Glad Spike likes the feather!

monnibo said...

omg that Dream in Colour Starry is gorgoues. I love that last colour of Spike, the fiesty in his eyes is hilarious!

Kat said...

Oh man, I am having sewing angst right now like you wouldn't believe. And I have a boring half-finished Noro too.

Jenn said...

Last pic of spike made me laugh. We mentioned him tonight when Mal offered his piece of cheese to Rupert (who then walked away). We said M had to save it for uncle spike. Or mail it to him.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures, Leone. You certainly have your work cut out for you. But what nice work to have!!
Love Mom