Monday, February 22, 2010

We've got some peace in here!

Ah.... life is sooo much easier now. Even though I don't leave them alone and I have to keep an eye on Lala at all times (she killed the toilet paper last night) (no doubt it was very evil) at least I'm not moving kitty litters from room to room and having to deal with one kitty crying in a room while playing with another.
Soon after this Lala jumped into the circle and then attacked Spike's tail. There was a few swats but all was fine.

Spike has enjoyed some of the perks of a new kitten. The box she came in? Hello.
I'm exhausted. Having a new kitten and being sick at the same time is lame. I'd rather just have a new kitten.

Lala has become much more brave in just one day.
Grrrr. She is fierce.


Jenn said...

yay for communal living!

Mrs.Q said...

Kittens make my ovaries tingle in ways that children, however lovely, just do not. SNORGLE!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Leone. They look so cute together. Let's hope it is on its way to becoming a beautiful friendship. So nice for Spike to have a playmate. Love Mom

monnibo said...

I totally agree with Erin's sentiments. KITTIES!! I love the photo of Spike in the box. What is it with cats and cardboard boxes??