Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Quick Goodnight

I'm oddly anxious about school tomorrow. More than I was after the winter break. That's strange. I'm all prepared for school. Got some fun art activities planned, starting a dance unit, going into the theme of Spring (in other words- bugs and flowers my friends), and I do have just the sweetest and nicest group of children this year. But still, nervous belly.

Out of my goals I did just fine. Didn't blog ten times but achieved the goal of being in a blogging frame of mind. Kept the place clean enough. Walked all the time. Far exceeding my knitting goals. Didn't spend a lot of money. Consumed copious amounts of chocolate. All in all a very nice break.

I'll leave you with a photo of the shawl I knit in February in, oh, six days? I made it for my wonderful Aunt Shirley. She's an amazing aunt and we're all so fortunate to have her in our family. It's the Aerang (rav link) shawl by Jolene Mosley and I used another Raveler's (AnnaChris) modified chart to fill in the centre triangles. The yarn was Madeline Tosh Light. It blocked out beautifully and the hard work was worth it. The lace diamonds turned out gorgeous. Just right for my wonderful Aunt Shirley.
Sweet dreams.

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Mom said...

I had the chance to see the scarf you made for Aunt Shirley draped over her shoulders and it looked just beautiful. She loved it. You did a wonderful job on it.
Love Mom