Sunday, March 11, 2012

This nail polish is more gray than blue darn it

I bought new nail polish today. I thought it was more of a robin egg blue but it's more of a stormy sky gray blue. It's called Gray by Gray so maybe if I had paid attention to that I wouldn't have ended up with significantly less Spring time themed nails. Seriously guys, I have it rough over here.

In other news, it's Spring Break. I always feel that Spring Break doesn't start till the first day that you are suppose to go back and you don't. So for me, Spring Break starts tomorrow at 6:15am when I do not get out of bed. I'm keeping my alarm on so I can wake up and gloriously roll over and fall back asleep. Especially since it's 10:39 and I'm planning on reorganizing my queue on Ravelry. All 538 items. Maybe. I'll let you know how that goes.

Okay, but yes, the point for this post is to lay out my goals for Spring Break. Are you ready? Waiting on the edge of your seat you are.

1. Post ten times! Ooohhhhh- detailing this is my second(third? Looking it up is too hard) post of the year this does seem like a daunting task. Ten posts in two weeks? But 2012 has been just KIND OF overwhelming. I'm hoping that prioritizing blogging will help me get back into it overall. I already feel right at home with my ranting run-on sentences and colloquial gibberish.

2. Finish the edging and garter section of my shawl. I've started Rock Island by Jared Flood and despite grabbing the wrong needle size (it'll be a shawlette more than a shawl but these things happen) I'm really into it. My goal is to knit 5 sections of the 8 row edging repeat each time I sit down with it (there are 71 repeats altogether). I'm doing very well and am almost halfway.
I printed off a sheet with the numbers 1-71 on it so I can cross them off as I go. I put a G for that day's goal and then an A for what I actually achieved. This has proven to be a good incentive for me. I keep on wanting to best my previous achievement. To stick it to myself I guess. The edging is only 12-16 stitches wide and today my poor boyfriend who was working on his computer at the coffee shop finally leaned over after an hour or so of seeing me work on it and said 'honey I don't get it.'
Really doesn't look like much right now I will say. The yarn is Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace. Yummy.

3. Walk every day. And not just to the corner store for chocolate either (but still going to do that a lot). I've already got three people lined up on different days for the seawall. Guin and I are walking the Stanley Park section on Thursday- SO EXCITED! I haven't done this wall since I moved here? What is with that? What is with only doing really cool things when you don't live in that city? Sheesh. Oh, and I finally found my camera battery charger so I'll take photos! Woo! But yes, back on point- long walks. Walks up hills. Hiking too. Should probably buy better shoes.

4. Get my bike checked out and take it for a ride to see if I remember how.

5. Spring cleaning! Blaaaaaarg. Auuuuuugh. I hate cleaning. So much. Stupid dust.

And that's it. I have lots to tell and now that my camera is back I have lots to show as well. Cheers all!

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Jenn said...

picture of the nails, please.