Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winding Down

I know I've posted about my vintage magazines before but I've been entering them all into Ravelry so I wanted to do another short one. (Side note- about twenty or so aren't in Ravelry, I want to put them in but I don't have a scanner, will Ravelry accept photographs of patterns? Anyone know?)

Right, so back to this magazine that unfortunately isn't in Ravelry yet.
Still amazed at how some pictures could have been taken today (but maybe a different colour scheme yes).
Sorry for the poor photos. Moving along.

I am really drawn to the sleeves on this one. I don't know if they'd be cute or have way too much excess fabric under the arm.
I want this one to be for my Grandpa this year. The fact that he is smoking is just bonus.
Okay but here is the thing! I really want to cast on this project.
It's bulky weight wool- this was knit with a discontinued Lopi yarn- very straight forward, and super fun looking. I think I'd do more shaping on the arms and around the waist and probably shorten it a tad but yes. I want this. It's not knit in the round but I think that will help it hold it's structure better. I want to cast this on NOW!

Yeah, don't have the right yarn. I'm not allowed to buy yarn right now. I figure if I use up two of my sweaters worth of yarn stash than I can go buy the yarn for this. So cute. Colour ideas anyone?

In actual knitting news, I am done the garter and halfway done the second lace section. Rock Island is knitted lace which is a little more intensive than lace knitting but completely worth it. This project is currently at a standstill, however, till I blow up the chart. I worked on it like crazy Tuesday and Thursday night, and interestingly enough, had killer headaches Tuesday and Thursday night. So yes, until the chart becomes embiggened this is going to have to wait.
It's so scrumptious though. Don't you want to love it? You do.

I finally finished my bil's Christmas present. I was having a hard time with the stitch pattern but when I picked it up two days ago it just clicked and I quickly finished it. I used Tanis Fibre Arts aran weight and boy did it bloom. I figured it would so I stopped at 30 inches and was hoping for another 4-8 inches but easily got 40 inches in the end. Very happy with it. The pattern is The Dudester by HipKnitizer.
I wanted to finish Jason's scarf so I could work on my boyfriend's scarf without feeling guilty. I took him to Baaad Anna's and told him to pick out whatever he wanted! Go wild! As many colours as you want! Blue wool? Okay, sure. That's fine. We got home and I said pick any pattern! Cables! Traveling stitches! Complicated stitch patterns! Double moss stitch? Right. Check. Sigh.
I could knit this in my sleep I think. Oh well. Finished 30% the first evening and should have it done in time for him to get some good wear out of it yet before the summer.

Good night all. Sweet dreams hm?

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Mom said...

It was such a pleasure to see all you in progress projects over the last week. Jason's scarf is totally him. Your shawl is truly a work of art. And I love the shade of blue you are using for your boyfriend's scarf. I love what you are doing with your magazine knits. I wondered what the date was on that knitting magazine.
Love Mom