Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUGAR HIGH (it honestly took me three tries to type that correctly)

I worry that my gloomy nails have forecast our days of overcast skies and ridiculous winds. Maybe tomorrow I will buy bright blue nail polish like I had intended and the skies will clear. But, of course, I would also have to buy nail polish remover for that to happen. You can see in this photo that I just added polish to the tips of my nails. Drives my sister crazy.
Today was awesome! Stole my niece for three hours and we toured around main street. Thankfully it wasn't rainy but it was chilly so she was bundled in hand knits as usual.
Hazel perpetually looks like she is highly skeptical of you. Like she knows that you have no idea what you are doing.

We first hit up the library and I picked up some books and read some fun ones to her. Then we crawled and knocked mats over and had a lot of people admire the girl.
She is coming for the camera.

We hit up the yarn store and then the grocery store. After realizing it was going to cost me over ten dollars for three cupcakes I just decided to make some of my own. It's also the only way to guarantee my sister can eat them. Hazel fell asleep after the excitement of the yarn store and kindly doubled as a grocery cart.
However, due to my limited expertise in pushing strollers I smoked a bike stand on the way and the jostle woke her up. This is a very accusing look. This is the 'I knew you didn't know what you were doing' look.

The cupcakes turned out delicious. I took the tray out halfway through baking and pushed a chunk of dark chocolate into the centre and made a royal icing and stirred in peanut butter.
Thankfully they are small because I ate three. If I had eaten three large ones I'd be dead right now.

So, Ravelry punks- check out my queue! I spent two days on it. Labelled everything, removed labels I didn't like, and made the labels more specific. I still may go in and make some categories even more specific but we'll see. Then I went and spent ages putting everything in order. It's still not perfect but I'm very happy with it. The first page, the top 30, are fantastic. I feel waaaay more inspired by my queue now.

You've also all done the library tour right? Thank goodness I did, not only because I'd really really really like to win those books but because the library feature now ROCKS! I went and entered in another 15 or so magazines and five new books. I love that the search pattern feature can isolate your library. Which is appropriate since I got some new yarn today with the Snazel...

Habu Tsumugi silk. Woo!

The only downside to this is that my living room floor is a tad messy now.
Spike enjoys it at least.

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Jenn said...

I believe the look Hazel is giving you is because of your adding polish to the end of your nails. *sigh*

But I like the colour. I'm wearing dark purple today. Yesterday I wore bright orange that is the awesome.

Please send me a cupcake. Kthanks.