Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rules For Rude People

You all already know these (because you all are such lovely people) but here they are anyways.

Rules for Attending a Concert
(from least to most important)
  1. Don't light up a doobie **I understand this is BC but I just think there is a time and a place and if everyone around you is doing it fine whatever but if you are the only people in the entire balcony? Kinda rude.**
  2. Even if you don't like the opening act, and even if the opening act really isn't very good, don't boo him. I mean, c'mon- show a little decency.
  3. If you don't like the opening act, leave and go get some wine. Don't talk loudly about your stupid co-op, your stupid kid, and your stupid art shows. The people around you would rather listen to the opening act than you. Trust me.
  4. Never leave during a song. Even if it's the last song and you want to 'beat the rush'. It's not backstreet boys/NKOTB concert or a hockey game. There is no rush. All you will do is disrupt the people around you. And also? You missed the encore morons.
  6. The most important rule of them all? The rule that, in my humblest of opinions, if you break you get banned from all concerts for life and have to wear a t-shirt that says 'I'm an insensitive hypocritical asshole' for two weeks? Never, ever, ever sing along with the artist.

Tomorrow, a post about how great The Magnetic Fields are and how they made the concert awesome.

And oh yes, I am done the edging. And the garter stitch section. And am four rows into the 24 row chart. A-MAzing.


ms. modiste said...

This is pretty much the reason I stopped going to concerts. (Well, that and the lack of money.) I got tired of dropping like $50+ and then having some idiot ruin it for me. Outdoor shows are the worst, in my experience. I can't count the number of shows that were ruined because of hoards of people arguing, "sit down!!" and "stand up!!" Or, the crowd of 40-something women having a drunken high school reunion at the Feist show a couple of years ago. UGH.

jess said...

i feel your pain, but not to defend the rude people, but sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. there are rude people at every show so you need to choose to love them and take strategic photos of them. cases in point, re: doobies. we took oscie to pearl jam and were in the "adults behaving badly" section where everyone around us lit up. he got hiiiiiiiiiiigh.
re: all of your other points - just ask julia about the martha wainwright show. :) drunk chicks singing along can actually be really fun.
i guess what i'm saying is that "adults behaving badly" is really a part of the show for me. i acknowledge your pain about it, but you also have to roll with it. just drink a lot and mock people. it helps. :)
xo j

tammy said...

Yeah, we can never go to a concert together. I am oh so much a singer. Sorry.

I shall endeavour to remember this next time I'm at a concert and try to keep it down so I don't ruin someone else's experience. :)