Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christmas List!!! (and birthday!!!)

Okay, here it is!* Um, I may change it now and then so I'll put it on my side thingies over there too.
  • A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson
  • Gift certificates to The Neverending Yarn (Vernon) or Darlene's Yarns (PG)
  • As for yarn, I'm looking for handspun mohair angora in purpley/greyie/bluish subdued colours (you'll know you've got it if it is ridicously expensive), and I also like slub from Nova Scotia, the rainbow cotton sari blend from Nepal, or any type of soy yarn. (for photos of said yarns, see here) Frankly, I'm happy with any type of yarn, be it acrylic, wool, alpaca, or unknown.
  • Bamboo knitting needles
  • Very nice, sparkly, smallish or not, earrings: like this or this or this (I'm only using these as examples, not as specifics, I trust your judgement, but hey, if you wanna get me the blue topaz earrings)
  • Paintbrushes, the little ones: pointy, edged, or thick, doesn't matter.
  • I don't know if this exists but a queen sized original Spiderman (Ditko) duvet cover.
  • Old knitting magazines
  • A floor length, very soft, housecoat (one that you could cuddle up in a chair with a purring kitten and a mug of tea on a cold PG night and watch Buffy in)
  • Cohen
  • digital camera
  • the frizz ease hair gift set from shoppers (the one for curls)
  • The March of the Penguins
  • 40 year old Virgin (if it comes out by christmas)
  • The anniversery addition of Brian Frouds Faeries
  • anything from Reitmans
  • the calvin and hobbes collection (the massive three book one)
  • a CD booklet, one of those massive booklets with those slips that will fit a whole buncha CDs
I think that's it, I'm trying to think right now but I seem to be lacking thoughts. If anyone knows anything else I want for Christmas please email me it so I can put it on here. I will be so happy when Christmas comes around. School is evil. Evil. Tata!

*I'm sure whatever anyone gets me, even if it is not on the list, will be perfect and I'll love it.

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The Bears said...

Don't tell Leone, but we're going to get her Cohen from her wishlist for Chreestmoos. But we need some help. We've looked all ovoo Cohen's site and still can't figoo out how to put him in the Shopping Cart.

Also, we're going to really surprise Leone, and get her both Cohen and Cohen's Mom, becoo they go togethoo.

OK Bye