Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yarn, wonderful yarn (tra la la)

So to the left and below is my mohair yarn. One has metallic shiny bits in it. I got them at the studio fair and paid outrageously high prices for them. It was one of those things were I wanted them, wasn't sure, so I put them down, looked around, saw someone else pick them up, got a rush of jealousy and possessiveness, and once the other person put them down, swept in there and picked them up. They are worth it though, I want to make something as equally unique (wait, does the placement of those two words next to each other cancel them out?) so I don't want to start anything yet. But yeah, I loveth them. They are a tad different colour scheme but they work.

Then next is a close up of my slub. I love my slub. I don't even know what it is really, I know it's wool, I think it's all in how it is spun but yeah, I love my slub. It is, I would have to say, the most perfect colour scheme I have ever seen in my life. Really, I'm dead serious here. Perfect. And isn't this photo just so artsy fartsy? I took all of these with Coral's camera. Yeah for Coral!
This last photo is another artsy one of my cotton sari rainbow blend. This was made in Nepal and was made out of recycled saris. I want to make a purse out of it or a wrap. I don't know. Why can't I just be rich so I can buy my way into teaching without all the 'schooling' getting in the way? Honestly. Being rich would solve everything.

Well, I don't know how well this will turn out with the photos and all, but I hope it's coherent and the photos kinda match up with their description!


Jenn said...

I have yarn envy.

julia said...

that sari one is awesome - you could make so many cool things with it - a headband/scarf would be very very pretty

grad student hack said...

Ooh, drool. Very pretty yarn. Mind you, I'm not allowed to buy yarn or other craft supplies, cuz I never ever finish my projects. I have a very sad unfinished square dish cloth project sitting in my magazine rack. It is a source of shame.