Monday, November 07, 2005

Coma-induced slug

So, after two weeks of complete undergrad hell, I decided this weekend I would take a break. Or have a nervous breakdown. I decided to take a break. So... what did I do you ask?

  • Went to the Studio Fair twice(!) and bought....yarn (two handspun mohair with metallics, not telling how much they cost), honey (maple churned in a glass bear jar), mustard (honey raspberry hot hot), Jim's present (not telling!), Jen's present (again with the not telling), honeycomb (fun, but not as much fun as I would have liked), a book, and nearly got a marionette but I didn't and now I'm sad. I also nearly bought a 200 dollar photo of a bear cub climbing on a tree on canvas but I didn't. The people were kinda snotty, and I didn't really have 200 dollars to spend on art. Which sucks. But hey! Maple churned honey! Oh yeah, and tonnes of samples, samples, samples.
  • Went to the Y Saturday (I just forgot how to spell Saturday and had to look at various spellings before deciding on that one, hope it's right) and worked out at 6:30 in the morning with Jenn and Coral. I decided to put the elliptical at the highest slant and my thighs are still paying for that.
  • Knit like a crazy person, finished my first scarf for Knit for Kids and nearly done another christmas present which I started last January, and I did inventory on all my knitting projects and yarn. Have come to many conclusions. A) I have too much yarn and need to knit it all up so I can buy more but seriously, so much yarn! B) I need to finish all my projects that are knitted up but still have to be sewn together or something (about three of those) so I can put them in a complete section. C) I need to get my hands on a digitial camera so I can take photos of all the christmas presents so I can post them after christmas and show everyone. D) I need a better organizer for my knitting needles (right now they are in a big metal bucket that has a lobster on it) which is fine, but I still need a better container.
  • Watched Kids in the Hall Brain Candy. Heh, really really funny. Wrong, in so many ways, but so funny.
  • Wrote a completely half-assed paper for my dreadful class that I don't care about and barely spent any time on.
  • Finally went shopping for pants and got three pairs, two jeans (one dark, one with jewels) and a brown pair of dress pants, and also got a blue cardigan with jewels and a pink blouse which I'm wearing right now.
  • Did Tae bo with Jenn (and did Yoga this morning and will hopefully do tae bo again tonight so I can reach my week goal of working out four times this week and get to buy my knitting magazine as I did not make my goals last week which was fine cause I still worked out three times).

So that was really nice. I also played a lot of computer games and listened to lots of music and watched TV with Jenn and played with the kitties. It was wonderful. Now I'm back at school.... sigh, but oh well. Week ten of thirteen! And only three days long! There, it's all good now. I'll let you know tomorrow if I did my workout and if I did I'll blog about my new magazine. If I didn't then I dunno, I may still blog anyways, but maybe just tell you about what I had for dinner instead.


The Bears said...

Good weekend!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And you didn't need a pictoo of a Bear cub from snootty people. You have us to be cute for you.

OK Bye

julia said...

that sounded like a fun weekend - i'm very impressed.

Cali said...

Way to go!! Sometimes you have to take a big step back before the whole undergrad hell sucks you into its never ending vortex of....oops- sounds like you had a great weekend. If you are ever looking to 'use up' some of that wool, I know a little man who would love a wonderful colourful handmade scarf or touque *wink* *smile*