Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wonderful things to knit

This is just a fun blog to be done before I retire (it's 9:30 in the evening you know!)
  • I'd save this for my own kid it's soooo cute! Medusa hat
  • pasha
  • a womb, cause I mean... then you can say 'i knit a womb this weekend. it's green.' Is there anything better than that?
  • a tea cozy (but if I was to knit one for Buffy, it would not be this one, or at least, not these colours)
  • these socks, but without the individual toes, and different colours to match different holidays. heh. yeah.
  • my favorite bear, again
  • if Cohen was a girl I'd knit him this
So I'm going to bed now but before I do, I'm thinking if I have time I'm going to knit a baby hat for my english teacher who just had a baby girl. Should I do the baby tart, or the miss dashwood? Please let me know because they are both soooooo bloody cute I just can't decide.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Nov 21st note: Have started the baby tart baby hat.


Anonymous said...

Ah... So that's what a tea cozy is.

I'd go with the Miss Dashwoood, but they're both very cute.


The Bears said...

"my favorite bear, again"

*much raising of eyebrows of Bears*

We'd go with the baby tart.

OK Bye

Leone said...

my favorite knit bear pattern, Bears! You know nothing compares to all of you!

Melly said...

I LOVE the Medusa hat! I think you should make the wombs and give them to all of your friends as Christmas centrepieces. Then people could say “My what a lovely centerpiece you have this Christmas!”

Penny said...

Hey Land Unknown, am I too late to put my vote in for the baby hat? I'd choose the baby tart. It looks like it won't let any wind in.


The Bears said...

We know you love us Bears!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky is going to be there soon.

OK Bye Calliope