Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In other news....

I cannot make myself study any more, and I went to do dishes but the water is too hot so I figured that was a sign to go blog. In all fairness to school, detailing my lack of caring and studying for my courses, I'm doing pretty well. I'm getting fine grades in my two psych courses and so far, I passed my biology lab section (just found out this morning, sooooo happy) and I need 41% on the final to pass the lecture section so I'm aiming high for a 50%! Seriously though, trying to study 29 tediously long chapters is just so... tedious. Hm. My vocab is dissolving at an alarming rate. I should get these guys to write my blog entries from now on.
On the knitting front, I have finished two projects without starting any new ones (I was starting to accumulate a lot of projects) and I could finish another one soon if it wasn't for a major screw up that has got me all gloomy about it. I only have to frog it about 12 rows and at 22 stitches wide that's really no big deal but unfortunately the yarn is a mesh of yarns including mohair which is going to make that task freaking hard. I'm going to what till Mom can help me in case I panic halfway through and can't go on. I just finished my wristband that I knit for my friend Leboe, it is suppose to be 8 and a half inches long (his wrist is 7 and a half inches wide but I added an inch for the clips) so anyhoo, I'm knitting this thing on tiniest needles (1.75 mm) and I'm knitting it widthwise (?), so basically cast on 100 some odd stitches and knit I dunno, I think 30 rows, then cast off.... it's 10 and a half inches long. I mean seriously! What is up with this? I can never do my own stuff because I don't trust my knitting! I did a swatch! I measured it, I computed the stitches into the measurements and it's not suppose to do that! grrrrr. I think, however, it may not just be evil yarn, I only cast on 30 stitches for my swatch which came up to about two inches or something, so maybe I should always knit a 4 inch swatch when doing my own patterns. Hm. Gr. So basically, there is two inches of knitting that had need not be done and I hope the overlap isn't going to make the wristband look stupid. The skull and crossbones turned out great though. Maybe I can get a picture of Leboe wearing it sometime and blog it. I'm trying to make it curl less right now and the pins I'm using are all sorts of colours and they look skittles.
Well, I'm sure the dish water has cooled enough by now (the trick is not to wait till it gets cold and unuseable). I have so many chores to do. It looks like a clothing bomb went off in my room, and don't even get me started on the papers I need to go through for recycling. I'm going to start my double knitting scarf tonight! (it's funny because you would think I would have all these social things to do since it is the end of school, but I think because of all the study groups and so on, I am so sick of people right now). I also want to dye my hair tonight.

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Annika said...

I made a scarflet width-wise and I swatched and measured and computed and it also came out a few inches wider than it was supposed to be. WHY?