Monday, April 03, 2006

Motivate me!

I have had a very productive morning, just not necessarily schoolwork wise, though I did go to one of my classes! I also got groceries, went for a walk, talked to some friends, got smallpox, and figured out another xmas present! So now I have to do some schoolwork, I have a final on Friday and another one on the following Thursday (the 13th, how appropriate). So I've decided to make a list of things I would rather be doing than studying (now the question is do I put blogging on the list, because I already am, so would that just be redundant?) I like making lists. And after making this list, I'm going to do three hours of study, probably interrupted by eating at one point, but yeah. Then I get to do something fun for a bit, than hopefully another two hours, that would be key. My expectations of schoolwork are so low, and I find that quite funny.
  • Finish baby blanket
  • Email my katima-friends
  • Make up list of home improvements
  • Finish Monkey Beach (book)
  • Go for another walk
  • See if a friend wants to go for sushi
  • Put away laundry in room
  • Watch more of simpsons season seven on DVD (wheee for Jill!)
  • Work some more on my painting (and yes Helen, it is watercolour with black pen detailing and it's on watercolour paper and I used the booger stuff like Jenn said)
  • Do the dishes (seriously, I would rather do housework!)
  • Tae bo
  • Dye my hair
And now away I go to study some psychology of learning (HA!) and some biology too. Tata!


Helen said...

Sounds a good list :-)

I've seen that booger stuff on an Art programme on TV, but never used it myself.

Oh - and you didn't really get smallpox, right? That'd suck.

As for motivation - GO Team Leone!

Laura said...

It's amazing the things that are more tempting than schoolwork. Suddenly cleaning out the fridge seems like a fun project, and it becomes incredibly urgent to scrape off the spilled jam that's been stuck to the shelf in there for months/years. Good for you for not giving in. Kudos. (The fridge of course being from my own personal experience and having nothing to do with your list other than it being housework.)