Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I thought up a really good title last night but now I have forgotten it

Heh, so Monday I had a freaky productive day. Freaky I tell you! It was kinda my first day at home because I worked on Saturday and Sunday (yup, got into town on the bus at 6am and worked at 2pm, so not that bad). I am completely redoing my room and so far, I really like it. I also have gone through all my laundry and my closet and getting rid of some clothing and went through a tonne of schoolwork and have a box of paper to be recycled. I also (this is still Monday) went downtown and did some banking and this time nobody asked me to sell crack for them! I bought some organization doohickeys, like a massive CD booklet so I can stop using up bookshelf room for piles of CD cases, an extension cord so I can have a light by my bed (I hate it when you are reading in bed and you get all tired and you have to get out of bed in order to turn off the light- I lead a difficult life) and I tried in vain to get my christmas lights in working order but so far it just doesn't work (the only way I can have them where I want is to have a whole bunch of cords right above my head at night and I'm not overly keen on that idea). And I put away dishes and bought a swiffer duster! And how I dusted indeed! I also started the vast task of reorganizing my bookshelves (they will be arranged into books I have read and the ones I haven't and then in alphabetical order). I also realized I have ENOUGH knitting pattern books (for awhile at least), well, except for the module magic one that I just ordered on Amazon, but I had no module books so. I also finished my triangle shawl, which got a little upsetting because I ran out of yarn and so my last triangle is shorter than the rest because I decreased more frequently in an attempt to not run out of yarn and the last bit of the triangle is a different yarn, but still angora goat so you can't really tell. The shawl is actually also more of a shrug , much shorter than I wanted (and expected) so I'm taking it with me to my favorite yarn store to talk to Darlene about what to do. Jenn has a good idea to take a contrasting yarn and add long extensions to either side. So that was Monday!
Okay, background rant here to fill you in on explaining my Tuesday, because during the schoolyear when I spent a long time either on the nitendo, playing sims, playing the computer, or watching TV, blah blah, I would always feel really crappy afterwards, so I didn't want to do that anymore. HOWEVER, if I have a crazy productive day the day before, and I'm careful to insert little productive things throughout, I can have a day where I goof off and live guiltfree! On Tuesday, I played so much sims! So much! And Sims is also better than TV because I get so much more out of it. My major Sims family, the first one I started on Sims2, and the only one I have a storybook photo album made up for, just had their third baby (a boy) and the twin girls are only 4 days away from adulthood! (I am such a dork, I embrace that). I also did the dishes, some more laundry, the kitty litter, and the garbage yesterday, and then, Jenn and I went out for Greek! OHMYGOODNESS! I am so going back there! Not only was the dinner amazing (I don't know if I can ever have calamari anywhere else now!) but the dessert was to die for!
So now it is Wednesday, and I'm a tad tired because I woke up at 5am, and accidently woke up the kitties too, which normally would mean Spike would keep me up, but he was tired and just went into the living room to sleep, so Chuck decided to take over. He actually bit me! Chuck! I was so ready to just open Jenn's door and push him in there. He also started attacking a plastic case that some of my knitting needles come in, and when he hits it, it makes this loud pop noise and he was just smacking it and runnning away and peeling out then running back and hitting it and running away....
Anyhoo, my rambling, rambling, rambling post of the day. I'll let you know how that shawl turns out.
Prend soin!

Update: okay, I just read this on my blog, and realized I am a complete spazhead


Jenn said...

So what does it mean that I followed all that you said?

Annika said...

Hi, we are all spazheads. No worries.

Helen said...

I hate having to get out of bed for the light too. Luckily, because I now have a king size, the side I sleep on is right next to the light switch.

I do tend to try and brush my teeth and switch the light off before I settle down to watch a DVD in bed before going to sleep though. That is the product of far too many occasions where I fell asleep watching a DVD, and woke up at 4 am or something, with the light still on.