Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well... guess I'm done

Wow, that was possibly the longest four months of my life. When I think back to January and going to my first week of classes it seems like it was a lifetime ago. So in January...
  • Going have my graduation requirements done by August
  • Applying for the UNBC september education program
  • volunteering at a school twice a week
  • Presenting in PsycOut.
  • Had a good friend 'X'
  • Had a major crush on 'R'
  • Freakishly unhappy and prone to nervous breakdowns

And now....

  • Taking another year to grad
  • Taking the summer off
  • Going to apply for this university but hopefully get into UBC or UVIC education program
  • Thankfully, due to dropping my methods course, I did not have to present at PsycOut
  • Said friend X now acts like a total spaz when they even see me in the hallway
  • Major crush was a major letdown and is now a good acquaintance
  • still prone to nervous breakdowns but much, much happier

So yeah, my last exam was a good way to end the saga of the winter 06 semester since it was probably the HARDEST exam I have ever taken. I mean, eeeeeeevil. Evil. However, I'm pretty sure I passed, and like I stated before, I just needed to pass to get a C- so let's keep our fingers crossed people!

Now that school is over (for a bit at least), I'm going to have to define my angst with something else. I really don't go for that whole tortured artist crap, so are there angsty knitters? Who rage against the machine by knitting scarves for their cousins? In fun fur? That sparkles? Wheeeee! Maybe I'll just lay the teenage angst to the side and see what just happens. Maybe I'll just be angsty again and then we will know that it's innate. Maybe I actually have a cheerful and charming personality under all this school stress. Meh. I need people to give me books to read (well, the titles of books to read, or if they really want, they can give me books too) over the summer! I'll find my started list at home and blog that soon. I'll probably blog more. Heh. Blogging is cool.

Tata! I am off to lead my school-less life for awhile! Wish me luck!


H said...

Any of the Dan Brown books, and then "Down Under" or "Made In America" by Bill Bryson I've read those). I think I preferred "Down Under" slightly. "Mother Tongue" is the one he wrote about the history of the English Language.

Will add more if I can think of any.

Helen said...

Oops, signed in under my old Blog there. It has the same name as my email, so I'm used to signing in to my email from work (otherwise I wouldn't type it as I stay logged into it at home). And it has the same password as my current Blog.

Adrienne said...

That's awesome that you're done your term already and now enjoying the sweet life of summer vacation. I'm very jealous. I too am eagerly anticipating the days of reading for FUN!

julia said...

well i'm very happy for you - except i did really enjoy your last caffeine induced breakdown approaching email...

and for books, have i made you read the phillip pullman series yet? his dark materials? like paradise lost for kids. awesome!

oh, and if you get into ubc maybe you can sublet my apartment!

The Bears said...


That's great. We're glad you are finished Uni for a while, and wish you a happy summer.

We'll give some thought to books. The complete Spiderman is now availaboo in PDF formoo on a collection of CDs. It might even already be up there at the house--we're not sure if Jim moved that CD case yet.

OK Bye

Anonymous said...

Leone, friend X never did spaz out at you when she saw you in the hallway. She was really hurt. I'm not sure how she is supposed to react when a friend she's had for 4 years (like a sister) tells her one Friday that she doesn't even consider the two of them as friends. Yes, you "did" have a good friend. Take care.

Leone said...

.... right.

Eileen said...

Well done on finishing your exams! I know I'm really late in replying, but I'm just now catching up on loads of blogs after my own exams and holiday.

As for books, I've just finished a stretch of three books in a row that I really enjoyed (unheard of lately!). Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. And, in relation to what Helen wrote, Down Under by Bill Bryson is hilarious!