Tuesday, May 16, 2006

List of Things to Do

I have been doing a lot of stuff since school ended (ie. reading and knitting) but there are so many things I keep on saying- oh, I need to do that. So instead of actually doing them, I going to blog about them. Maybe blogerizing my list will help motivate me to complete some of these. Let's see here.... (is 'let us' an appropriate contraction as let's? I so confused all of a sudden. My brain is completely atrophed.)
  • Phone Alyson, Jodi, Jolene, Kim B., and Nic
  • Find a proper way to store and organize yarn and knitting needles (seriously, what to do about circular knitting needles? Argh I say!)
  • Dye my hair! I've been meaning to do this for months!
  • Go through my filing, which will take a couple of days at least
  • Mail Julia her B-day present (which at this point is going to be dreadfully late as is)
  • Make my blog all so nice and new and possibly start a knitting blog too cause well... it's kinda obligatory
  • Go through all my emails (all 456 of them) and either print off the ones I want, put them in special folders, and delete the ones I don't read! I fear the delete button. I really do.
  • Finish painting the store warhammer army! This one is doubtful. I painted for an hour and half last night and got the skin on one space bug done.
  • Find a good way for me to keep track of my money, so a budget plan/doohickey that will work for me. I watch that show on the life channel called... well, I can't remember, but that woman comes in and gives money advice to people over the space of a month and anyhoo, the key I think is to not have credit cards and if you do, no more than one. Oh, this one has turned into a tangent, maybe it has something to do with the insane Chuck love I am recieved while trying to type.
  • Finish my alligator and frog drawing.
Lists are fun.


Helen said...

Lists are fun!

Also, I can see why people say credit cards are bad. But I disagree that having more than one - or even having one at all - automatically means that all your money will be sucked away.

The only money is that which you charge to it. In that respect store cards and credit cards are not different to debit cards. You just get longer to pay them.

I have a credit card, and rarely use it (I use my debit card). I hardly use my store cards at all, maybe once a year to get the extra store card holder discounts they sometimes have.

What might help, if your bank offers it, is internet banking. You can log on and transfer money (I pay Mum and Dad for anything I owe them, transfer money to my other account, pay my cred/store cards etc...).

Annika said...

I started a separate knitting blog and I abandoned it after a while because I didn't like having two blogs to update. So I think you should just write about knitting here! If you want to.

Anonymous said...

i think the part about the prezzie for your sister is a really really good idea... i mean, like totally good. not that i'm her, or anything like that, since i'm anonymous. but i'm sure she'll love it.


Podgy said...

I second Annika on the keeping it all on one blog philosphy.

Whenever I have something knit related, it just goes on to Ponderings.

Eileen said...

I also fear the delete button. I only recently cleared out my hotmail inbox after two years of neglect. And I deleted all of my emails at work for the past two years (sent and received) after a sudden panic attack about Big Brother watching me.