Wednesday, May 31, 2006

not much to say

just thought I would blog

I'm turning into a geek-getting four comics a month now, wait, five if you count the superman I get for Jim, and six once Eternals gets here

hope to dye my hair this week

there's a sale at my local yarn store so that means I have to buy another container for my yarn

going to bed now

sweet dreams


Eileen said...

I'm thinking about dying my hair again.

Sweet dreams.

Jenn said...

Oh, and counting the Serenity comic you got me. And the Lenore you're going to pick up for me too!

Okay, I think *I'm* the geek here.

Noneuclid said...

I don't think the Superman Leone gets for me and the Serenity and Lenore she gets for Jenn makes her a geek.