Thursday, May 18, 2006

So many posts

First things first, I know need to stretch before I go on my walks that turn out to be a few hours or more, because oi do I hurt right now! (it's all my hips and ass, which is a good thing, because that means that I may be getting an ass! Hips I need no more of)

In other news, I just wanted to comment on my messed up logic. So I'm knitting something right now that is composed of diamonds, so I increase one stitch per row for x amount of rows and then I decrease one stitch per row for x amount of rows. So when I'm increasing, I get all pouty. I start to dislike my knitting. I shun it for days. I bargain- 'Okay, just knit one row, then you can read another chapter in American Gods (Neil Gailmen)' and when it gets to the last, let's say, probably 15 rows, it's like torture. I knit a row then put it on my shelf and don't talk to it for a few days. I get angry at the yarn. I take it to work with me because anything is better than nothing during a break at a mall. The thing is, once I reach that magic number, where you stop increasing, and start decreasing, I'm so excited! I love it! I knit like crazy! I finished the increasing last night, and today I have knit six rows. Six! The six before that probably took me at least a week, maybe longer. And it's the same amount of work, I mean, I do enjoy knit 2 together, it's my favorite stitch, but still, I love the decreasing parts of patterns. So strange. I also fall in love with the yarn all over again. It's sooooo beautiful. This also happens to be the piece of knitting that I've gotten the most comments on while knitting in public. I also have blisters because of this knitting. See! It's a confused knitting!

As well, I appreciate the comments people left about maintaing two blogs. I've thought about it and I'd actually have three blogs because Spike gets me to maintain his blog too and that would be a lot of work. As well, I can't blog much about my knitting since two of three knitting projects currently are Xmas presents (so I just allude to them vaguely, as above) but I can't really go into detail. I'm thinking of after Christmas, blogging about one present each week, which will take awhile. I'm going to still take photos of progress and everything and just keep the photos on CDs. Rant rant rant.

And for the last note, I want this. It loves me so.


brooke t. higgins said...

Hi Leone!
First of all, you can post comments on my blog whenever you want. I do love me some comments.

Second, I've only read one post and I love your blog. I'm especially enamored of the dragon knot at the top of the page. Beautiful.

Third, you're using Neil Gaiman as incentive to knit troublesome rows. American Gods is a very impressive work of fiction. I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

And lastly, for real, you designed a motif for your first pair of socks? Amazing. For real. They'll fit somebody. :)

Helen said...

It's taken me ages to work out who of Jenn's circle, is who - i.e. sisters, as opposed to friends. And I'd still not quite twigged that Spike is your cat.

I love Spike's Blog - 'he' makes me laugh!

Podgy said...

If you like k2tog, try doing some lacework. I'm in the middle of the Om Yoga Mat Bag from SnBN; the entire pattern is variations on *yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1*